Volume 10 Number 7
                       Produced: Wed Nov 17 21:19:46 1993

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B'nai Noach
         [Jennifer Fischer]
Halacha Unpluggeda
         [Michael Allen]
Hebrew words in Yiddish
         [Percy Mett]
Hechshers and your LOR
         [David Charlap]
MacDonalds & other goodies
         [Steven Edell]
         [Alan Mizrahi]
Prostate Infection Question
The Judaism Conference@Magic
Why M&Ms became Kosher
         [Rani Averick]


From: Jennifer Fischer <jenny@...>
Date: Mon, 8 Nov 1993 13:43:28 -0500 (EST)
Subject: B'nai Noach

I believe someone wrote an article on these laws and would appreciate a
re-posting. I think it had to do w/how they were not binding anymore
for non-Jews.

[I suspect that the postings you are refering to had to do with the
question of why the commandment given to Adam and Eve to procreate is
not considered one of the Noachide Laws that are binding on Non-Jews.
The seven Noachide laws have not changed status. The set of posting were
in volume 9 numbers 73,74,79,85 and 96. Mod.]

Thank you, Jennifer Fischer


From: Michael Allen <allen@...>
Date: Thu, 11 Nov 93 13:48:54 -0500
Subject: Re: Halacha Unpluggeda

>>  I have often heard of the attempts by Rabbi Maimon to re-establish
>> a Sanhedrin when the old-new Jewish State was established in 1948.
>> The function of this gathering was to be the realignment of halacha
>> along new runners and guidelines, a sovereign entity where Jews of
>> all backgrounds, beliefs, and cultures were to build a society
>> together.

The Sanhedrin (may it be established soon, in our days) is not a
collection of great philosophers who apply their own beliefs to society;
it is made up of the greatest Torah scholars of the generation who are
applying Torah principles to an ever changing environment.  We must
build a society built on Torah, not a torah built by society.


From: <P.Mett@...> (Percy Mett)
Date: Thu, 11 Nov 93 08:26:14 -0500
Subject: Re: Hebrew words in Yiddish

 Benjamin Svetitsky <bqs@...> writes [mail.jewish Vol. 9 #85]

>Regarding the funny pronunciations of Hebrew words in Yiddish, I would
>like to know which of the following is correct:

Maybe the pronunciation of Yiddish is strange to your ear, but why call it

>1) They are mispronounciations of Hebrew words, much as one might
>use a French word in English speech and mispronounce it, or
>2) They are real Yiddish words, cognate to the Hebrew words, derived
>from corruptions thereof and incorporated into Yiddish.
>I'm not sure what the linguistic difference between the two cases is,
>and I'd appreciate a linguist's opinion.

a) There is a premise here that Yiddish is an independent language which
subsequently borrowed some Hebrew words. It would be more correct to say
that Yiddish is a language which draws on several sources, of which
Hebrew is an important one.

b) Many Hebrew words are pronounced correctly in Yiddish, but the accent
may not be the one you are used to. However it is true to say that the
stress in Yiddish moves towards the beginning of the word as opposed to
Hebrew usage. (It is hard to give useful examples without knowing what
sort of words Ben has in mind.)

c) On the other hand there are a number of vowel changes which have
accompanied the migration to Yiddish, as well as new verb forms from
hebrew nouns. E.g. someone recently posted =Raived= as a
mispronunciation of "Ra avad". One might equally have mentioned =Myrev=
for "maariv" and =Bylem= for "baalim" (owners). These are not
mispronunciations, but correctly pronounced (with a litvish accent) of
cognate Yiddish words.
 The linguists might correct me here, but the double pasach sound in
Hebrew gets contracted into a single long =aa=. Since this vowel sound
is not heard in litvish Yiddish it migrates to =y= as 'by'.



From: <dic5340@...> (David Charlap)
Date: Fri, 12 Nov 93 12:07:17 -0500
Subject: Re: Hechshers and your LOR

SCHILD%<GAIA@...> (Chaim Schild) writes:
><dic5340@...> (David Charlap) writes:
>> I know with almost certainty that everybody accepts O-U, O-K, and
>> Chaf-K.  Only a very very small minority do not accept these.
>Ah, broad sweeping statements :). Although, most people do hold by those
>hechshers, one must qualify the statement. Real Right-Wing Black Hatters
>who only eat pas, bishul, and cholov Israel would not eat such items
>(bread/cookies, milk etc) with the above hechshers unless they knew more
>details aqbout the item.

I _did_ qualify my statement by "Only a very very small minority do not
accept therse."  The people you talk about are this minority.  The vast
majority of shomer kashrut Jews accept these hechshers without further

Perhaps I should have only used one "very" in my statement, but you
really do not contradict me at all.  I hope you did not mean to imply
that these "real Right-Wing Black Hatters" are doing what we should all
be doing (I've always assumed that they are accepting chumrot on
themselves).  If so, then you are really saying that no hechsher
organization is to be trusted - I don't think you really meant that.


From: Steven Edell <edell@...>
Date: Wed, 10 Nov 93 10:20:43 -0500
Subject: MacDonalds & other goodies

As many of you may know, MacDonalds has invaded Israel.  [first reports
from the papers say are that they are expensive and "not up to usual
standard"].  MacD contract included that it will use all 'local' foods;
the 'Macs, although served with shakes, are in and of themselves, kosher
meat (Tirat Tzvi if I remember correctly).

When MacD expects to open a store in Jerusalem sometime in 1994, it will
be kosher!  There is NO excuse now for you people who have been holding
off Aliyah :).

Well???  Still reading and not packing???  

(In the spirit of the upcoming Hanukah holiday )

Steven Edell, Computer Manager   Internet:<edell@...>
United Israel Appeal, Inc                   <uio@...>
(United Israel Office)            Voice:  972-2-255513
Jerusalem, Israel                 Fax  :  972-2-247261


From: <amizrahi@...> (Alan Mizrahi)
Date: Mon, 08 Nov 93 15:38:24 EST
Subject: Pronunciation

	Where is the origin of pronouncing the taf like an s?  If this
is not the original pronunciation, it seems that there would be a
problem using it for reading Torah, Haftarah, etc.

[I suspect that based on our previous discussions 1) we probably don't
know what the original pronunciation was, and in addition, if by taf you
mean the last letter of the alphabet without a dagash in it, then 2)
pronouncing it like a t is probably not the original pronunciation, so
your question would apply there as well. Mod.]

Alan Mizrahi


From: Anonymous
Date: 10 Nov 93 17:13:18 EST
Subject: Prostate Infection Question


a very good friend of mine who doesn't have access to mail-jewish (but
reads my copy) asked me to forward the attached file. he has an unusual
problem and he thought he could get preliminary information before he
spoke to our LOR.  obviously, he wishes to remain anonymous. (i don't
know but, you may want to edit the letter - i think it may be too
medically graphic)

[I will leave the article as sent, but this comment is meant as a flag
for those who may wish to edit it out before taking it home etc if you
so desire. Mod]


I have recently been diagnosed as having a bacterial infection of the
prostate.  This has caused an enlargement of the gland that in turn
causes irritation during urination and constant pressure and discomfort
in the prostate area.  My urologist, who is Jewish but not religious,
recommended having sex with my wife as often as possible to help relieve
the pressure and discomfort. The discomfort is very intense at times.
His advice has actually helped a lot but unfortunately is not practical
all the time because of taharas hamishpacha rules. My doctor recommended
that I find an alternative method.

I know I should ask my LOR, but before I do want to find out as much as
possible about the alternatives (if there are any). We are newly shomer
mitzvos and are not fully versed in these matters.

Some background information: I am married with two children (one of each).

I would appreciate some information about this. 
Thank you very much


From: <Avi_J._Hyman@...>
Date: Wed, 10 Nov 93 14:21:17 -0500
Subject: The Judaism Conference@Magic

Dear MJers,
	You may have noticed an increase in subscribers from the node
@magic-bbs.corp.apple.com . We are Canada's largest BBS and recently a
local conference called JUDAISM was started here by Baruch Sienna.  We
wanted to tell you that each issue of MAIL-JEWISH is being forwarded to
this local conference where potentially thousands of readers can see it.
As well discussion is taking place here that normally mail-jewish
readers can't see. However, out of a spirit of community, we are writing
to tell you all about our recent conversations here. Please feel free to
direct comments to us collectively in MAIL-JEWISH.

	Thank you, and all the best from JUDAISM@MAGIC.

Recent Topics:
-Parshat Toledot
-Mayor of Jerusalem
-Dating Non-Jews
-Chayei Sarah


From: <rya@...> (Rani Averick)
Date: 10 Nov 1993  10:17 EST
Subject: Why M&Ms became Kosher

Since sending in the story I had heard about M&Ms in cereal boxes, I've
received several responses with different versions of the story.

The most popular one seems to be that Entenmanns wanted to use them in
their products.

I suppose there are still more versions of what inspired the happy
event, which could be put together in a collection called "The M&Medrash
Says" or something...



End of Volume 10 Issue 7