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         [Avi Feldblum]
Reliable Hecksher List
         [Gedaliah Friedenberg]


From: mljewish (Avi Feldblum)
Date: Fri, 19 Nov 93 10:57:37 -0500
Subject: Administrivia

A few items to discuss with the list.

First, Chanuka is quickly coming up, so that means it is time for the
mail-jewish Chanuka Party (or parties, as the case may be). As was the
case last year, I would like to invite all mail-jewish'ers who would
like to come (and are geographically able to come) to my house Motzoi
Shabbat (Saturday night) December 11 for a gala Chanuka party. I would
appreciate it if you let me know that you are planning to come, so I
have an idea of the numbers, but you are welcome even if you make up
your mind at the last minute. All who would like to bring something to
the party are welcome to do so, just let me know in advance. I would
guess that we will call the party for 8:00 pm to whenever. As always,
feel free to bring along any spouses, significant others, good friends

Next, we have a few new longer items that have been submitted and have
been put in the mail-jewish archives. One is in the rav area, the other
two in the Special_Topics area. For email archive access, all are in the
main mail-jewish archive. They are:

1) teachings_of_the_rav

Submitted by Jonathan Baker

The following is a summary of a lecture delivered by Rabbi Aaron
Rothkoff-Rakeffet at Lincoln Square Synagogue on [date placed below with
lecture title - Mod.].  It is posted by permission of Rabbi Rakeffet
(who said it's in the public domain, but that I should try to quote him
accurately) It is the [4-6] of a series of six lectures by Rabbi

4: The Rav and Tradition      28 June 1993

5: The Rav and Modern Orthdoxy   5 July 1993

6: Stories Told by the Rav    12 July 1993

2) rashis_descendants

Submitted by Mike Gerver

Starting with David Gerstman's posting on "Ancestors" in v9n55, several
people have commented on the question of how many Jews today are
descended from Rashi. This is a question to which I have devoted 
considerable thought, starting about 5(?) years ago when Gideon and Neima
Ehrlich spent a delightful Shabbat with us. We davened at the Bostoner
Rebbe's, and Gideon noticed in the back of the Bostoner siddur a
description of the Rebbe's family tree. He commented that one ancestor
mentioned there (I forget which one), who lived in the 1300's, was
probably an ancestor of everyone in the shul, not just the Rebbe. I was
skeptical of this, although I would have agreed if he had made this
comment about someone who lived more than 1000 years ago.

My conclusion is that it takes probably 800 years, and almost certainly
not more than 1100 years, for someone's descendents to comprise the entire
Jewish population, so we are probably all descended from Rashi (who was
born in 1040 CE), although it is just possible that some of us are not. 
Those readers who are interested only in this conclusion can skip the rest 
of this posting, which describes how I calculated this result.

[Full posting is what is in the archive under the above title - Mod.]

3) heter.mechira

Submitter: Moshe Goldberg  -- <vamosh@...>

The following notes are a thread that appeared in mail-jewish during
October 1993 on the subject of the heter mechirah [selling land in
Eretz Israel so that the produce can be sold commercially during the
Shmitta year].  The items have not been modified in any way.

I [Moshe Goldberg] take full responsibility for the choice of what to
include in this file.

The instructions for how to  access the archive areas and get files is
included in the welcome message sent out to all new members, and was
sent to the entire list as v10n0.

There are two other relatively long postings that have been submitted in
the last few days that will go out to the entire list, hopefully over the
weekend. One is about both the nature of the list and it's archiving and
moderating policies, the other is from a serious discussion going on in
BALTUVA about p'sak related question on an email list.

In terms of our backlog/queue, everything prior to Nov 16 is either out,
or I have been in contact with the submitters. If you have something
from before that date, that you have not seen appear on the list, please
contact me.

Avi Feldblum
mail-jewish Moderator


From: <friedenb@...> (Gedaliah Friedenberg)
Date: Sat, 13 Nov 93 22:58:04 -0500
Subject: Reliable Hecksher List

Because a number of submissions here have commented on heckshers which
their LOR does not recommend, a recent post asked for a list of heckshers
which *are* accepted by reliable halachic authorities.  The following is
a letter sent out this week by the Vaad Horabonim of Detroit containing 
a list of reliable heckshers.

The following is a flyer produced by Merkaz, the Laymen's Association
of the Vaad Horabonim of Greater Detroit; 15919 West Ten Mile Road,
Suite 208; Southfield, MI  48237; (313) 424-8880; FAX (313) 424-8882  

                         *** KASHRUS SYMBOLS ***

	In response to many requests, the Merkaz has compiled a list
of the most common out-of-state kashrus symbols generally considered
reliable.  This is only a partial list; omission of any particular
symbol does not imply that it is not reliable.  For information
regarding any symbol not listed here, please consult your Rav.
	THis list pertains mainly to commercially packaged products
sold in stores.  When considering food establishments such as
caterers, hotels, restaurants, fast food stores, bakeries and butchers
it is advisable to contact a knowledgable person in the same city for
information about the reliablility of the particular establishment in

The "OU"
  _____		Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations
 /     \  	333 7th Avenue
| |   | |	New York, NY  10001
| \___/ |	(212) 563-4000
 \_____/	Rabbi M. Genack, Rabbinic Coordinator

The "OK"
  _____		The Organized Kashrus Laboratories
 / | / \ 	1372 Carroll Street
|  |/   |	Broooklyn, NY  11213	 
|  |\   |	(718) 756-7500
 \_|__\/	Rabbi D. Y. Levy, Rabbinic Administrator

The "Chof K"
 _____		Kosher Supervision Service
      \		1444 Queen Anne Road
   K   |	Teaneck, NJ  07666
 _____/		(201) 837-0500
		Rabbi Dr. H. Z. Senter, Executive Admin.

The "Star K"

[5 pointed 	Vaad Hakashrus of Baltimore
star with a	7504 Seven Mile Lane
'K' in the 	Baltimore, MD  21208
center]		(410) 484-4110
		Rabbi M. Heinemann, Rabbinic Admin.

The "BVK"
		Vaas Hakashrus of Buffalo, Inc.
  B|/		P.O.B. 755
  V|\		Williamsville, MY  14221
		(716) 634-3990
		Rabbi D. Krautwirth, Rabbinic Coordinator

The "CRC"	
  _______	Central Rabbinical Congress
 /       \	85 Division Ave.
|   CRC   | 	Brooklyn, NY  11211
 \_______/	(718) 384-6765
		Rabbi Y. Gruber, Rabbinic Administrator

The "cRc" of
   /\		Central Rabbinical Council
  /  \		3525 W. Peterson Ave., Suite 415
 /cRc \		Chicago, IL  60659
/______\	(312) 588-1600  	
		Rabbi B. Shandalov, Kashruth Administrator

Crown Heights
  ()_()_()	Bais Din of Crown Heights
 / |_| /  \	788 Eastern Prakway, Room 212
|  | |<		Brooklyn, NY  11213
|    | \	(718) 774-7504
 \________/	Rabbi Dov Ber Leretov, Head Supervisor

The "Scroll K"
 _|________|_	Vaad Hakashrus of Denver
 | | | /  | |	1350 Vrain St.
 | | |/   | |	Denver, CO  80204
 | | |\   | |	(303) 595-9349
 |_|_|_\__|_|	Rabbi Y. Feldberger, Rabbinic Administrator
  |        |

The "Heart K"
  __  __  	Kehila De Los Angeles
 /  \/  \   	415 N. Spaulding    
 \      /	Los Angeles, CA  90036
  \ K  /	(213) 935-8383
   \  /		Rabbi A. Teichelman, Rabbinic Administrator

The "Badatz"
		Eida Haredis of Jerusalem
[seal bearing	Binyanei Zupnik 26A, Rechov Strauss
the Hebrew:	Jerusalem, ISRAEL
B'hasgacha	(02) 251-651
Habadatz shel 
Ha'eida Haredis]

The "NK"
		National Kashruth
 ##  ##  ##	One Route 306		
 ### ## ##	Monsey, NY  10952
 #### ## 	(914) 352-4448
 ## ### ##	Rabbi Y. Lipschultz, President
 ##  ### ##

The "MK"
  _____		Montreal Vaad Hair
 /| | /\  	5491 Victoria Ave.
| |V|<  |	Montreal, Canada  H3W 2PN
| | | \ |	(514) 739-6363
 \_____/	Rabbi Y. Auerbach, Director

The "OV"
  ____		Kashruth Inspection Service of St. Louis
 /    \  	4 Millstone Campus
| \  / |	St. Louis, MO  63146
|  \/  |	(314) 569-2770
 \____/		Rabbi S. Rivkin, Chief Rabbi

The "COR"
  _____		Kashuth Council, Orthodox Division
 /     \	Toronto Jewish Congress
|  COR  | 	4600 Bathhurst St.
 \_____/	Willowdale, Ontario  M2R 3V2
		(416) 635-9550
		Rabbi M. Levin, Executive Director

The "KAJ"
 _____		Beth Din of K'hal Adath Jeshurun (Bruer's)
|     |		85-93 Bennett Avenue
| KAJ |		New York, NY  10033
|_____|		(212) 923-3582
		Rabbi Z. Gelley, Rav

[unreadable	Rabbi Moshe Stern (Debrachiner Rav)
seal, sorry]	1514 49th St.
		Brooklyn, NY  11219
		(718) 851-5193

[seal bearing	Chug Chasam Sofer
the Hebrew:	B'nai Brak, Israel
Kasher L'mhadrin, 
Chug Chasam Sofer,
B'nai Brak]

[seal bearing 	Rabbi Moshe Y. L. Landa
*either* the 	B'nai Brak, Israel
Hebrew or English:
B'hashgacah, Moshe Yehuda Lev Landa, Rav AG"D D'B'nai Brak
Under the supervision of Rabbi Moshe Y. L. Landa, B'nai Brak]


Gedaliah Friedenberg
-=-Department of Mechanical Engineering
-=-Department of Metallurgy, Mechanics and Materials Science
-=-Michigan State University


End of Volume 10 Issue 9