Volume 10 Number 43
                       Produced: Sun Dec  5 16:48:14 1993

Subjects Discussed In This Issue: 

         [Avi Feldblum]
Kosher in DC
         [Ronald Greenberg]
Kosher in Honolulu
         [Herb Barad]
Making non-Jews Happy
         [Michael Shimshoni]
Moderator's job (v10 #10)
         [Neil Parks]
Mueslix cereal follow-up
         [Dan Goldish]
Norfolk-Hampton VA area
         [Eric Schramm]
Proper Time for Ma'ariv
         [Robert Gordon]
Rav Herschel Reichman's Drasha: Implications of Chanukah Today
         [Harold Gellis]
Shemitta and the Heter Mechira
         [Eli Turkel]
         [Zev Gerstl]
Yiddishkeit in Columbia, Maryland
         [Josh Klein]


From: mljewish (Avi Feldblum)
Date: Sun, 5 Dec 93 16:37:28 -0500
Subject: Administrivia

Hello All,

You may have noticed that you did not get any mailing during the last
few days. That was because my connections to nysernet were not working
properly. All appears to be in order today, so I'm back at work. We have
built up a backlog again, but I don't want to just send out 10 mailing
today. It kind of overwhelms people and some mailboxs. I know we have
lost several people from the list because of the volume. I will not go
over 6 mailings today, and try to keep it to 4 or maybe 5 over the next
few days.

One thing I will be doing is when there are large postings that are
reasonably self-contained, I will place the postings in the archive
area, and just post a description, or the first paragraph in a regular
issue. I don't have a hard and fast rule what is "large", but generally
something in the 150+ line size will be viewed as candidates. There are
three that I have picked from stuff that has come in, and are
"announced" in this issue, a description of kosher facilities in Wash
DC, an article on heter mechirah and shimetta, and a summary of a drasha
on Chanuka by R. Reichmann from YU. See below for more detailed info. To
get the article by anon ftp or gopher, you want to be in
israel/lists/mail-jewish/Special_Topics. To get it by email, send your
request to <listserv@...>, saying:

get mail-jewish file_name

where file_name is given for each article in the summary below.

I would also like to thank and complement Heshy on his article in Jewish
Action, where mail-jewish was described. 

Avi Feldblum
mail-jewish Moderator


From: Ronald Greenberg <rig@...>
Date: Mon, 29 Nov 1993 14:54:04 -0500
Subject: Kosher in DC

Below is the complete rundown of kosher places in the DC area at
present; a new one opened rather recently.  You might not be able to
count on the Hillels during winter break (which I expect is later than
the above referenced dates); I called the H Street Hideaway (operating
at GWU Hillel) about a month ago, and they said it was not yet

[The full article has been archived as kosher_dc. The approximate length
is 140 lines. Mod.]


From: <Herb_Barad@...> (Herb Barad)
Date: Thu, 2 Dec 93 22:27:47 -0500
Subject: Kosher in Honolulu

I'm going to be in Honolulu for about a week.  What's available in Honolulu?



From: Michael Shimshoni <MASH@...>
Date: Thu, 02 Dec 93 17:06:35 +0200
Subject: Re: Making non-Jews Happy

Eitan  Fiorino  states  about  the  treatment  of  non-Jews  also  the

>Secondly, this pasuk from chumash is not a good proof-text: chazal
>apply this command to the post-Biblical meaning of ger [stranger], which
>is convert.  Thus, this mitzvah d'oraita of "treating well" applies to
>converts, not non-Jews.

I wish not  to argue with any "chazal" mentioned  here, although Eitan
does not give  any detailed reference.  Somehow I  am rather surprised
about it.   I found three  places in the  Torah (there may  be others)
where behaviour towards  the "ger" is mentioned, in each  case it ends
by mentioning that the Israelites have also been gerim in Egypt (Shmot
22,20 and 23,9;  also Devarim 10.19).  Now it seems  strange to accept
that with "ger" a convert is meant,  as from this it might follow that
the Israelites in Egypt were converts as well.

Actually  in Shmot  22,20  Rashi explains  "ger"  as *always*  meaning
someone not born in that country, but has come from another country to
live there.  This does not seem to indicate Eitan's "convert".

 Michael Shimshoni


From: <neil.parks@...> (Neil Parks)
Date: Mon, 29 Nov 93 23:59:00 -0500
Subject: Moderator's job (v10 #10)

  > From: Joe Abeles <joe_abeles@...>
  > Subject: A modest proposal re: Archiving (Abolish it)

  > *What confuses matters further is that the present moderator appears
  > to perform his own personal "peer" review, combining submissions,
  > changing subject lines, freely commenting before others have a
  > chance using the [Mod.] brackets, and unilaterally rejecting
  > submissions (which you the reader never hear about).

That is exactly what the moderator is supposed to do, and IMHO he's
doing a good job of it.  The alternative would be an unmoderated
free-for-all that would simply duplicate s.c.j.

  > From: Freda Birnbaum <FBBIRNBA@...>
  > Subject: Shailos on the Net
  > This is excerpted from a recent post to BALTUVA by Kalman Laudon
  > (<klaudon@...>) :
  > Only a very qualified rov can screen out some of the red herrings, and
  > can determine the halachic validity of the information, and whether or
  > not there is EVEN an issue.  Many chazakos (assumptions) apply regarding
  > family matters of the older generation, that do not apply today, and
  > that only a rov knows how to apply.

This is all the more reason that we need a moderator to
frequently remind us to "CYLOR".


From: Dan Goldish <GOLDISH@...>
Date: Thu, 2 Dec 93 22:27:43 -0500
Subject: Mueslix cereal follow-up

Rabbi Abraham Halbfinger of the Vaad Harabonim of New England confirms
the following:

Kellogs cereals produced in the US and bearing a small K on the box are
under the hashgacha of the Vaad Harabonim of New England.  Kellogs
cereals made in the US that do not have the small K are not Vaad
approved.  Kellogs cereals manufactured outside of the US may be under
another kashrus authority, as in the case previously mentioned in MJ
regarding the COR hashgacha on a box of Kellogs Meuslix brand cereal
made in Canada.

Kol tuv,

Dan Goldish
Boston, Mass.


From: Eric Schramm <eschramm@...>
Date: Thu, 2 Dec 93 10:17:20 EST
Subject: Norfolk-Hampton VA area

A friend has asked me to post this: does anyone have information about
the orthodox community in the Norfolk-Hampton-Va Beach-Newport
News-Williamsburg area? Specific interests are shuls, schools, mikvaot,
food. Alternately, any information about Richmond would be appreciated.

Please reply to me by e-mail:

Eric Schramm


From: Robert Gordon <U08383%<UICVM@...>
Date: Thu, 2 Dec 93 07:52:49 EST
Subject: Proper Time for Ma'ariv

I occasionally daven with a minyan which has the practice of davening
Maariv without any break after Mincha.  This has the effect of
concluding Kriyat Shema before sunset.  Is this legitimate?  Is it
preferable to daven after dark without a minyan?  Many minyanim daven
Maariv after sunset but before it is dark, so perhaps the distinction
between this minyan and others isn't all that important.  Robert Gordon


From: Harold Gellis <GELYC@...>
Date: Sat, 04 Dec 93 22:54:20 EST
Subject: Rav Herschel Reichman's Drasha: Implications of Chanukah Today

     On Shabbos, December 4th, the Queens Jewish Center held a hadran
for the siyum mishnayos of seder Moed.  Rabbi Herschel Reichmann, Rosh
Yeshiva of Yeshiva Yitzchok Elchanan and talmid muvhok of Rav Joseph Ber
Soloveitchik z'l, was the guest speaker.  His speech addressed the
implications of Chanukah to contemporary events in Israel today.
Following are his remarks:

[Full article is available in the archive area, as chanukah_today.
Article size is approx. 160 lines. Mod.]


From: <turkel@...> (Eli Turkel)
Date: Sun, 5 Dec 93 11:19:55 +0200
Subject: Shemitta and the Heter Mechira

     Included is a (relatively) brief discussion of the halakhic
controversy over the heter mechira based to a large extent on the
article of Rabbi Gottlieb in the latest issue of the Journal of Halacha
and Contemporary Society. I have not included most details and refer the
interested reader to that article. In particular I only included
opinions in the Talmud that are accepted by halakhah and not other
opinions. I have also have added some things of my own and have added a
section on Otzar Bet Din which I find is even more misunderstood.

     In addition there is a short review of Otzar Bet Din based on the
book "Ha-aretz u-mitzvotehah" by Rabbi Abraham Goldberg rav of Kfar

[This submission has been placed in the archives as heter_mechirah_2. It
is about 250 lines in length. Mod.]


From: Zev Gerstl <VWZEVG@...>
Date: Thu, 2 Dec 93 11:57 N
Subject: Toronto

Some friends of mine will be going to Toronto for 2 years and are
interested in information concerning renting flats and kindergardens for
their children (2 and 4 1/2). They are modern orthodox and want to be
near a YI type shul.  They would like to know how much flats (furnished
vs unfurnished) or houses rent for. Answers can be sent directly to me
via bitnet at VWZEVG@VOLCANI or through mljewish.

Todah M'rosh
Zev Gerstl


From: Josh Klein <VTFRST@...>
Date: Thu, 2 Dec 93 17:37 N
Subject: Yiddishkeit in Columbia, Maryland

Is there an orthdox shul in Columbia, MD and is there perhaps even a day
school that has at least Grades nursery--3? Reply to me directly,
please, noting "For:Josh Klein". Thanks!

Josh Klein VTFRST@Volcani
PS Anybody know about Yiddishkeit in Ames, Iowa?


End of Volume 10 Issue 43