Volume 11 Number 41
                       Produced: Tue Jan 25  7:36:16 1994

Subjects Discussed In This Issue: 

Albany and Syracuse
         [David Yevick]
Apt. to rent Pesach - August in J-lem
         [Steven Edell]
Bostom Summer Sublet
         [Ari Ferziger]
Concord Hotel in the Catskills
         [Danny Weiss]
Food at Sports Facilities
         [Eric W. Mack]
Kosher in Dearborn, Michigan
         [Harry Kozlovsky]
kosher in Montevideo, Uraguay?
         [Jonathan Goldstein]
         [Harry Weiss]
summer NYC sublet
         [Anthony Fiorino]
         [Bob Smith]
         [David Zimbalist]
         [Jessica Ross]


From: David Yevick <YEVICK@QUCDNEE>
Date: Thu, 20 Jan 94 19:46:23 -0500
Subject: Re: Albany and Syracuse

Regarding Albany and Syracuse, there is (or at least used to be) a truly
excellent vegitarian restaurant under hashgacha about 2 blocks from the
SUNY campus in Albany.  The campus is a ways from downtown.

There is a Chabad house I understand close to the Sheraton in Syracuse.
There is a restaurant at the DeWitt exit off the 81 bypass (381) under
conservative hashgacha.  The next restaurant is at the JCC in in

A note regarding Penn State, a 1 hour drive takes you to the Empire
plant in Mifflintown, there used to be excellent deals there, and
probably still are.

(Sheraton in Syracuse refers to the University Sheraton).


From: Steven Edell <edell@...>
Date: Sat, 22 Jan 94 16:18:26 -0500
Subject: Apt. to rent Pesach - August in J-lem

Apartment in Katamon, near German Colony, to rent from Pesach - August, 
1994.  Apt has living room, 2 bedrooms & kitchen, with central heating.  
One-half floor above ground floor.  Secure building.  For more 
information, please contact:

Steven Edell, Computer Manager   Internet:<edell@...>
United Israel Appeal, Inc                   <uio@...>
(United Israel Office)            Voice:  972-2-255513
Jerusalem, Israel                 Fax  :  972-2-247261


From: <msf@...> (Ari Ferziger)
Date: Sun, 23 Jan 94 23:59:23 -0500
Subject: Bostom Summer Sublet

   Kosher/shomer-shabbat couple (students) seek one (or more) bedroom apt. in
Boston during June and July (We would also house-sit).
   Prefer Brookline. Will consider Brighton, Cambridge, and Somerville.
   In addition, anyone looking for a summer sublet in Chicago (West Rogers
Please respond to:
Ari -  Phone: (312)761-0250
       E-mail: <MSF@...>


From: <danny@...> (Danny Weiss)
Date: Sun, 23 Jan 1994 20:26:50 -500 (EST)
Subject: Concord Hotel in the Catskills

I have heard conflicting things about the Concord Hotel (in the New York
Catskills). What is the status of its hechsher (kosher certification)?
[I would interpret that question to mean, does it have a hechsher, and
if yes, who gives the hechsher? Mod.]
Replies can be either to mail-jewish or personally to me.

Danny Weiss
Baltimore, MD


From: <ce157@...> (Eric W. Mack)
Date: Sat, 22 Jan 94 22:41:06 -0500
Subject: Food at Sports Facilities

I would appreciate any information mj-ers can provide on kosher
food at professional sports facilities.  For instance, is there
still a kosher concession stand at Orioles Park?   Please send
responses directly to me.

Eric Mack and/or Cheryl Birkner Mack


From: Harry Kozlovsky <HKOZLOVS@...>
Date: Mon, 24 Jan 94 19:05:38 -0500
Subject: Kosher in Dearborn, Michigan

Anyone out there know of kosher establishments in or around Dierborn?
If outside of Dearborn, what city is it and how far away?


Harry Kozlovsky


From: <Jonathan.Goldstein@...> (Jonathan Goldstein)
Date: Sun, 23 Jan 94 19:07:09 -0500
Subject: kosher in Montevideo, Uraguay?

My friend, his wife and baby will be in Montevideo, Uraguay, from 14
March until 22 March this year.

They would like to know the following:
	where to find kosher food
	is there an Orthodox shule near the Positos neighbourhood?
	is there an eruv?
	who can they contact for more help?

Thanks very much.
Jonathan Goldstein       <Jonathan.Goldstein@...>       +61 2 339 3677


From: <harry.weiss@...> (Harry Weiss)
Date: Sat, 22 Jan 94 20:08:44 

In 11-32 Elliot Lasson asked about shuls, food, etc. in Nashville. 
The Orthodox Shul is Sherith Israel at 3600 West End Avenue.  It is
a very nice shul with daily morning and evening minyans.  The
people are very friendly.  The Rabbi is Rabbi Posner.   There are
two supermarkets south of the shul that have kosher products.  One
(I can't remember the name, but you can call the shul) has a large
selection of Meal Mart and Mon microwaveable TV dinners.

The shul is approximately a 30 minute drive from the Opryland
Hotel.  (definitely not walking distance)  The Opryland is a
magnificent hotel that is worth seeing even if you don't stay
there.  The public areas are a massive indoor garden with
waterfalls.   There were no refrigerators or microwaves in the room
I had when I was there.  They also charge extra for everything,
(even using the exercise room), so they would probably charge to
heat up a TV dinner.   

The shul is located just south of Vanderbilt University.  The
closest hotel to the Shul is the Holiday Inn.  I spent Shabbat at
the Med Center Inn which is approximately 2 miles from the shul. 
The hotel is an older hotel, catering primarily to relatives of
people with relatives in the hospitals affiliated with Vanderbilt,
but has a refrigerator, microwave, access to rooms via stairs, and
real keys (with holes that can be put on a Shabbos belt).

New Subject.

My son claims not to have caused the quake just to get out of
finals, but we are glad to have him home for a while.  Preliminary
reviews show damage to Valley Torah HS to be minor.   Does anyone
have the status of the other Jewish facilities in Los Angeles.   

On Thursday Hinda Langer was listening to KGO radio and heard a
Seismologist predict a major earthquake in San Francisco within 48
hours.  Her husband Rabbi Yosef Langer of Chabad of San Francisco called
the Rebbe through Rabbi Groner.  The Rebbe instructed them to leave San
Francisco.  Our Shul in Sacramento was packed this Shabbat with numerous
Lubavitchers from San Francisco.  Rabbi Langer said he was not sure
whether the Rebbe was agreeing that there would be an earthquake or
sending to Sacramento to give Chizzuk in the state Capitol to prevent an



From: Anthony Fiorino <fiorino@...>
Date: Mon, 24 Jan 94 19:05:40 -0500
Subject: summer NYC sublet

-- -- Summer sublet available for shomer shabbat/kosher woman -- --

1 bedroom with bathroom in a 2 bedroom/2 bathroom (plus large living room
and full kitchen) apartment on the upper west side (96th and Broadway). 
Apartment is shared with 2 other women. Doorman building with amazing
health club, in the center of Manhattan Jewish life.  Available starting
April or May, through August 31.  The room can be furnished or unfurnished,
your preference.  If you are going to be in NYC for the summer and are
looking for a nice apartment, walking distance from shuls, restaurants,
grocery, subway, etc., then this is the place.  Price in negotiable.

please respond to Eitan Fiorino, <fiorino@...>


From: Bob Smith <bob_smith@...>
Date: Thu, 20 Jan 94 19:46:14 -0500
Subject: Re: Syracuse

Orhodox (Mechitzha)  Daily minyon scheduled -- you can help make it! Shabbos
hospitality likely to be offered.

Temple Beth El ("Modern Orthodox"  but no mechitzah). Reliable daily minyon. 
315 446 5858.

Temple Adath (Liberal Conservative) Daily minyon scheduled (Women counted)  315
445 0002.

CHABAD HOUSE 315 424 0363 -  Attempt at Shabbos Minyon.  Hospitality.

Assuming that you have an automobile --the Genesee Inn (315 476 4212) is 5
miles from YIST and also near the University -- within possible walk to Chabad
house (if the weather heats up)  

 What is the travel time to NYC?  -- about a 5 hour drive.  1 hour by plane, 6
hours by train.

Packaged kosher food of all types available.  Deli and Bakery under local
supervision (Including YIST rabbi) although deli opened on Shabbos.

Fully supervised Kosher Butched rumoured to reopen with the next few months.

Please feel free to contact me with any more questions.


From: David Zimbalist <MDZIMBAL@...>
Date: Thu, 20 Jan 94 19:46:16 -0500
Subject: Tampa

I am looking for information on shuls, kosher food, and Shabbat
hospitality in Tampa, Florida.  Please email me directly at

Thank you.


From: Jessica Ross <JECROSS@...>
Date: Sun, 23 Jan 94 15:46:46 -0500
Subject: Tuscon

I will be in Tuscon Arizona over the weekend of February 4-6.  Does anyone
know of kosher facilities.  I will be staying at the downtown Shereton.
thank you
jessica ross

[I know that there are two shuls in town, and when I was there a few
years ago over Shabbat, I ate at the Rabbi of the Chofetz Chaim (I
think) shul. Great place to be in February! Mod.]


End of Volume 11 Issue 41