Volume 18 Number 78
                       Produced: Sat Mar 11 23:38:46 1995

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Al Kelly
         [Richard Rosen]
Bird food on Pesach
         [Jack Stroh]
Electronic\Magnetic codings of Hashem's Name 18 #64
         [Neil Parks]
English siddurim and "Pentecost"
         [Elie Rosenfeld]
Fish & Meat
         [Moshe Schor]
Fish & Meat - v18#72
         [Yehudah Edelstein]
G-D's name & electronic media
         [Eliyahu Teitz]
Is G-d Perfect
Kashrut - v18#61
         [Yehudah Edelstein]
         [Yisrael Medad]
Mixing Fish and Milk
         [Israel Botnick]
Name "Issur"
         [Zvi Weiss]
Parakeets & Pesach
         [Eliyahu Teitz]
Purim & Parshas Zachor
         [Ari Blachor]
Rabotai nevarekh
         [Linda Kuzmack]
Toras HaOleh
         [Samuel M Blumenfeld]
Toras Haoleh by Ramah
         [Moshe Schor]
Wearing Gloves to Avoid Washing
         [Ellen Golden]
         [Peter Faber]
YU & Gays
         [Joseph Steinberg]


From: <rrosen@...> (Richard Rosen)
Date: Sat, 4 Mar 1995 19:08:49 -0800
Subject: Al Kelly

Can anyone help me locate a tape of Al Kelly, famed (Jewish) expert at 
doubletalk of about thirty years ago?  Thanks.
Richard Rosen


From: Jack Stroh <jackst@...>
Date: Mon, 6 Mar 1995 20:19:46 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Bird food on Pesach

I had this problem with my parakeet about 20 years ago, and am currently 
going through it with my new cockatiel. Millet seed still on the 
branches, sold in all pet food stores as well as many department stores 
serves as a great temporary food supply which can sustain your bird for 8 
days. It must be kept away from your other food, as it is kitniot (= food 
that the Rabbis banned for being similar to chometz, but that is still 
permitted for pleasure or other purposes). you must start the food for 
several weeks prior to Pesach so that the bird gets used to it (these 
guys get really sick if you change their diets abruptly!). 


From: Neil Parks <nparks@...>
Date: Thu, 2 Mar 95 13:56:16 EDT
Subject: Re: Electronic\Magnetic codings of Hashem's Name 18 #64

>>: Reuven Weiser <rweiser@...> said:
>3) Can one bring a computer with the Name on his hard drive into a bathroom?
>4) Can one bring a computer with the Name on the screen onto a bathroom?

>I'm sure you can think of many other permutations. To me, imho, it would 
>seem that while on screen or being played there would be inherent 
>Kedusha, but while it is merely coded in magnetic form, which is for the 
>most part arbitrary, it would be no different from any other non-holy 
>combination of magnetic particles. Any thoughts? Thank you.

I agree with you on that, and therefore would guess yes to #3.  OTOH, I 
would not do #4 because of "maaris ayin" (it wouldn't look right).

"This msg brought to you by:  NEIL EDWARD PARKS"


From: <er@...> (Elie Rosenfeld)
Date: 1 Mar 1995  16:34 EST
Subject: English siddurim and "Pentecost"

One more brief comment on Pentecost = Shevuos.  Boy, have we all been
spoiled by the Birnbaum siddur and (later) Artscroll.  If you look in
any of the older Hebrew/English siddurim (the ones Birnbaum makes fun
of in his priceless introduction), they all call Shevuos "Pentecost".
Even better is "Eighth Day of Solemn Assembly" for Shmini Atzeres.
Imagine trying to make head or tails of that!  As I said, we often don't
realize how well off we are.

Elie Rosenfeld


From: <MOESCH@...> (Moshe Schor)
Date: Sun, 5 Mar 1995 18:29:24 -0500
Subject: Re: Fish & Meat

Regarding the discussion of why meat and fish are not to be mixed,the
Talmud Pesachim 74b says because of" Dovor Acher" which Rashi and
Shulchan Aruch YD 116 explain to mean "tzoraas"-some form of skin
disease.The Magen Avrohom in Orach Chaim 173 says that perhaps nowadays
it is no longer so dangerous.


From: <yehudah@...> (Yehudah Edelstein)
Date: Mon, 6 Mar 1995 22:12:05 +0200
Subject: Fish & Meat - v18#72

Through a MJer's help I found the source of why fish and meat don't go
together. Gemara Pesachim 76B, before the Mishne. Meat and fish cooked or
broiled together are prohibited due to bad mouth odor(Shteinzaltz) which 
developes and Tzaraat (Rashi).
Shulchan Oruch - Yoreh Deah 116: bet, gimel. Not to eat meat and fish together
due to Tzaraat. The Ramo adds: not to broil meat and fish together due to
smell but Bedieved one one may eat it (Taz comments and says only when it
occured by broiling, but if it was cooked together then it is still forbidden
Yehudah Edelstein "<yehudah@...>" Raanana, Israel


From: <EDTeitz@...> (Eliyahu Teitz)
Date: Thu, 2 Mar 1995 14:58:49 -0500
Subject: Re: G-D's name & electronic media

Reuven Weiser asked about the name of Hashem stored on magnetic media or
written on a screen and whether it is permissible to erase it.

I think one question was overlooked in the analysis of the problem.  The
prohibition is against erasing, rubbing out the name of Hashem. Is an
image on a screen seen as halachically significant such that turning off
the monitor would be considered obliteration ( this can also be asked it
a different context- is typing on a keyboard so that images apear on a
monitor considered writing vis-a-vis the laws of shabbat ).

Rambam Yesodey HaTora 6,6 writes that it is not permissible to erase the
name of Hashem if it is written on part of a human body.  The g'mara
discusses a situation where such a person has to go to the mikvah.  The
recommendation is to wrap the Name lightly with a cloth ( not tight
enough to be an absolute barrier to the water, otherwise the immersion
is not good ).

The Kesef Mishna ( commentary on Rambam written by R. Yosef Karo )
explains that technically there is no prohibition against having the
Name erased, the problem is actually doing the erasing.  Causing the
Name to be erased is not prohibited.  ( The reason for the covering is
that there is a prohibition against being naked in the presence of the
Divine Name ).

With this information in hand we must now analyze the action of either
turning off a monitor or hitting a carriage return that scrolls the Name
off the screen.  Are either of these seen as direct actions of erasing (
assuming that the image on the screen is actually writing, a point that
as I mentioned earlier still needs scrutiny )?

Magnetic representations on disc, I agree with Reuven would not
constitute a problem.  The Name is not in any written format, but merely
magnetic particles.

As far as vocalized Names, I do not know any prohibition against
stopping the speaking of Hashem's names, so turning off a tape or cd in
the middle of saying Hashem's name would not present a problem. And even
if one were to find a prohibition, there is still area for discussion
similar to screens.  Is a tape 'talking' or merely emitting electronic

Eliyahu Teitz


From: <eshnav@...>
Date: Thu,  2 Mar 95 00:43:01 PST
Subject: Is G-d Perfect

My 6th grade Sunday school religious class asked this question and I did
not have a good answer since I am not well-read in Torah nor Talmud having
had basically a secular education. My rabbi replyed that nowhere in the
Torah does it say that G-d is perfect. I would like to go back to the class
and provide them a more indepth answer that can stimulate discussion. Also
the kids asked--Why didn't G-d make the world perfect???
  I would certainly appreciate any answers anyone would like to share with
my students and I. Thanks

                                    Elliot Cohen, M.D.
Reply-To: <freud1@...> (Freud 1)


From: <yehudah@...> (Yehudah Edelstein)
Date: Fri, 3 Mar 1995 15:38:19 +0200
Subject: Kashrut - v18#61

The post makes one believe that the Mashgiach being Lubavitch or Sfardic
or...  would make different demands for Kashrut. In fact the Rabbi or
Rabbis endorsing the site (restaurant) lays down the groung rules and
the Mashgiach gives over the instructions from the Rabbi, and reports
back to the Rabbi.  I've seen some Mashgichim that don't know much, but
mean well. They will carry out what they are told. The Mashgiach's
personal affiliation to a certain group doesn't change the validity of
the Kashrut.
 Yehudah Edelstein "<yehudah@...>" Raanana, Israel


From: MEDAD%<ILNCRD@...> (Yisrael Medad)
Date: Sun, 5 Mar 95 08:49 IST
Subject: Kulot

In response to Meir Shinnar's posting Vol 18, #58:

Enjoyed reading Meir's comments (as I enjoyed his parents' Shabbat
meals).  He just left out the general principle that these "kulot"
were based on "One shouldn't demand more than the congregation/individual
is able to bear".  An elitist/super-stringent "posek" will drive people
from Yiddishkeit, and the aim of a Rav should be to encourage more and
more observance, within the framework of Halacha.

On behalf of my wife.
Yisrael Medad


From: <icb@...> (Israel Botnick)
Date: Wed, 8 Mar 95 10:42:16 EST
Subject: Mixing Fish and Milk

The Darkei Moshe has a humorous comment regarding the separation of fish
and milk. Commenting on the statement of the Beis Yosef in yoreh deah
siman 87, that fish and MILK should not be eaten together, the Darkei
Moshe writes that this must be a mistake, since we only know of a
prohibition of eating fish and MEAT together.  He concludes "it seems
that the Beis Yosef has mixed milk with meat".


From: Zvi Weiss <weissz@...>
Date: Thu, 2 Mar 1995 16:48:08 -0500
Subject: Name "Issur"

Wasn't there someone in the Gemara names "Isser"?  I seem to recall a
name like "Isser Giora" or something VERY similar...  I do not believe
that anyone spoke Yiddish around then... But of course, for those who
think that Torah can only be learned in Yiddish, I guess that Shas was a
translation into the vernacular (Aramaic) :-)



From: <EDTeitz@...> (Eliyahu Teitz)
Date: Wed, 8 Mar 1995 16:14:13 -0500
Subject: Re: Parakeets & Pesach

Arthur Roth wrote asking about kosher for Pesach parakeet food so that
he would not have to keep his pet at a pet shop over the holiday.  There
solution of keeping a pet elsewhere does not resolve the problem.  A Jew
can not derive pleasure/benefit from chametz on Pesach.  If the petshop
owner fed the bird chametz, then the owner was deriving benefit from
that chametz.  One possible solution would be to give the pet as a
'gift' to a non- Jew for Pesach.

Eliyahu Teitz


From: Ari Blachor <100274.3470@...>
Date: 05 Mar 95 16:51:45 EST
Subject: Purim & Parshas Zachor

re: Chaim Schild (issue #76)
Either you inadvertantly switched the two, or you have an interesting
siddur.  Parshas "Zachor" is, in fact, in Parshas Ki Seitzeh, at the
very end. We read from Bashalach on Purim.

Ari Blachor


From: Linda Kuzmack <kuzmack@...>
Date: Sun, 5 Mar 1995 23:37:20 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Rabotai nevarekh

Micha Berger <berger@...> writes:

> I don't understand the question. Growing up, most benchers read
> "Rabosai mir velen bentchen!" (Rabbis, I will bench) Now that Yiddish
> is losing popularity, the Hebrew "Rabosai Nevareich" (Rabbis, let us
> bench) is more common. The words don't even mean the same thing.

Actually, "mir veln bentshn" (standard transliteration) means "*WE* will 
bentch".  In Hebrew, "nevarekh" means "we will bentch".

Arnie Kuzmack


From: <blumenmo@...> (Samuel M Blumenfeld)
Date: Mon, 06 Mar 95 07:38:06 CST
Subject: Toras HaOleh

Reply to the request on the sefer Toras HaOleh by The Ramah.

According to my son-in-law, Eric Pellow, who has a copy, it was published 
in 1986 by Cong. Ohel Refoel Aharon, 5013 13th Ave Brooklyn, NY 11219, 
tel. 436-6326. There are 2 other phone numbers on the title page: Reuven 
Scharf -- 633-0573 and the publisher: 718-384-0030.


From: <MOESCH@...> (Moshe Schor)
Date: Sun, 5 Mar 1995 23:43:26 -0500
Subject: Re: Toras Haoleh by Ramah

Chaim Schild in vol 18#64 asked 
>"Does anyone know of the sefer Toras HaOleh by The Ramah. It is about
service in the sanctuary on spiritual terms. Is it still sold ? What was
the last edition published ? is it in a library somewhere ?>"

I have an edition that was printed in Tel Aviv 1983.It is about service in
the sanctuary on spiritual terms.


From: <egolden@...> (Ellen Golden)
Date: Sun, 5 Mar 95 23:40:00 EST
Subject: Wearing Gloves to Avoid Washing

    >From: <warren@...> (Warren Burstein)
    If one is already going to make preparations to deal with the problems
    of washing, why not carry a bottle of water?

Right.  I carry a bottle of water with me most of the time since I
suffer from "dry mouth" (it has a technical name, but, that's not what
I'm talking about now), and to carry a second one would be minimally
more, especially on an airplane.  The only addition of any importance
would be some sort of recepticle to pour into.  Presumably a
tupperware "serving saver" of appropriate size would be adequate.  It
would be "sealed tight" until the contents could be disposed of properly.


From: <peter.faber@...> (Peter Faber)
Date: Sun, 05 Mar 95 08:24:42 -0800
Subject: Yiddish/Benching

In a recent edition of MJ, Micha Berger incorrectly translated "Mir
Volen Benchen" as "I will Bench", and therefore had trouble reconciling
this with the Hebrew format of "Nevarech". The correct translation of
the Yiddish is simply "We wish to Bench" and therefore presents no
problem vis-a-vis the Hebrew form.

As an aside, could I request that the posters to MJ keep their postings
concise. I have great difficulty reading and understanding long and
rambling messages. Thank you all.

Peter Faber/Los Angeles


From: Joseph Steinberg <steinber@...>
Date: Sun, 5 Mar 1995 12:56:20 -0500 (EST)
Subject: YU & Gays

Just for the record, the Albert Einstein Medical School -- part of the YU 
system -- has had a gay club for many years...

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