Volume 25 Number 40
                       Produced: Tue Dec 10 21:20:46 1996

Subjects Discussed In This Issue: 

10 Tevet
         [Menashe Elyashiv]
Azkara for Maidi Katz z"l on Dec. 15
         [I. Norman Katz]
Double Yud
         [Avi Rabinowitz]
Halacha for lefties
         [Moss Ellenbogen]
Mi Sheberach/Tircha D'tzibura
         [Bernard Horowitz]
Mikva with Wheelchair Access
         [Sholom J. Parnes]
Origin of the "Double Yud"
         [Akiva Miller]
Origin of the word "daven"
         [Henry Edinger]
Origins of Word "Daven"
         [Bacon Gershon]
Rav Soloveichek's Chumash Shuir Notes
         [Yitzchak Kasdan]
Double Yod in the Siddur
         [Daniel D. Stuhlman]
Sarah's Age
         [Yeshaya Halevi]
Thrip in vegetables
         [Zev Barr]
Torah and racism
         [Yaacov David Shulman]
Trup Trivia: The Missing Segol
         [Russell Hendel]
Verse without an Etnachta
         [Saul Mashbaum]
Wheelchair Accessible mikvah
         [Rose Landowne]
Wheelchair accessible mikvah
         [Micha Berger]
Wheelchair Accessible Mikvah
         [Gershon Dubin]


From: Menashe Elyashiv <elyashm@...>
Date: Mon, 9 Dec 1996 14:00:02 +0200 (WET)
Subject: 10 Tevet

Next Friday is the fast of 10 Tevet. As this fast is not usual to fall
on a Friday and no other fasts can fall on a Friday (now a days, but in
the time of the Mishna all fasts could fall on a Friday), please
remember: Although we must fast until dark (20-27 minutes after sunset)
Minha should end by sunset so that we will not pray a fast day Minha on
Shabbat.  Because Minha is longer than usual Kiriat HaTorah, Ashkenazim
also Haftora, and Bircat Kohanim in Eretz Israel, Minha should be said
10-15 minutes earlyer. In Israel Sephradim in general finish Minha and
Kabbalt Shabbat at sunset and start Arvit at sunset. By the time you get
home the fast is over. Ashkenazim start Arvit right on time.
 Menashe Elyashiv Bar Ilan U Lib of Jewish Studies  


From: <katz@...> (I. Norman Katz)
Date: Fri, 6 Dec 1996 13:47:14 -0500
Subject: Azkara for Maidi Katz z"l on Dec. 15

A Memorial Service/Azkara in memory of Maidi Katz, U'H, will take place
in observance of Shloshim on Sunday evening, December 15, 1996 at the
Drisha Institute, 131 West 86th Street, New York, New York 10024-3412,
(212) 595-0307.

The program will begin at 7:00 pm.  Before (from 6:00-7:00 pm) and after
(from 8:30-10:00 pm) the program, there will be an opportunity for
family and friends to meet and visit with one another.

Maidi had been on the faculty of
        the Ramaz School and Drisha Institute in New York
        Midreshet Lindenbaum, Pelech High School, and Pardes Institute in
and various other Torah schools.

I. Norman Katz


From: Avi Rabinowitz <avirab@...>
Date: Tue, 10 Dec 1996 23:47:09 +0200 (IST)
Subject: Re: Double Yud

See book by Mauskopf (small book) It was a shtrick on the one yud 
originally, and eventually even grew to three yuds.


From: <Moss_M._Ellenbogen@...> (Moss Ellenbogen)
Date: Fri, 6 Dec 96 09:48:33 EST
Subject: Halacha for lefties

I have heard of a book called EESH EETAR--hebrew book on halacha for
lefties.  I cannot find it anywhere--Eichlers in Boro Park is out and
they did not know who published it (the salesman said it is published in
London or Israel).  Relatives in Yerushalayim cannot find it either.
Can anyone help?  Remember left is right.


From: <horowitz@...> (Bernard Horowitz)
Date: Mon, 9 Dec 1996 12:22:50 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Mi Sheberach/Tircha D'tzibura

With regard to the question of tircha d'tsibura involved in the
recitation of long lists of cholim on Shabbos morning davening, our shul
has adopted the following practice.  After krias haTorah, the rabbi
comes up and recites the standard mi sheberach text and pauses after
'vi'rapeh et hacholim' so that all members of the congregation can
insert the names of cholim whom they are personally aware of.  I find
this much more meaningful than the droning of names by the gabbai since
it involves the majority of the congregants praying at the same time and
eliminates the buzz of talking which often accompanies the reading of
names by a single individual.  Often the rav will precede the mi
sheberach with statements like, "I particularly have in mind ....' and
mention the names of congregants who are in special need of refuah.
 Bernard Horowitz


From: Sholom J. Parnes <merbe@...>
Date: Sat, 7 Dec 1996 19:09:51 +0200 (IST)
Subject: Re: Mikva with Wheelchair Access

There is a mikva with wheel chair access in Jerusalem.

Sholom J. Parnes
Efrat - Israel


From: Akiva Miller <kgmiller@...>
Date: Sun, 8 Dec 1996 14:21:59 -0500
Subject: Origin of the "Double Yud"

In MJ 25:37, Claude Schochet asked for information about the origin of
the Double Yud as a representaion of HaShem's Name. In addition to that,
I would like to know if there is any halachic authority who explicitly
states whether or not the Double Yud has holiness. For example, may a
paper on which it is written be discarded or brought into a bathroom?

Akiva Miller
(now at both <Keeves@...> and at KGMiller@DatacorInc.com)


From: Henry Edinger <edinger@...>
Date: Mon, 2 Dec 1996 14:21:52 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Origin of the word "daven"

I heard many years ago that the word "daven" is of judeo- german origin 
and that it may have been derived from the Hebrew word DAF, meaning 
"page."  It was suggested that the repeated turning of the pages of 
siddurim  during tefilla gave rise to this expression.  Some support for 
this theory is that German Jews pronounced the word as DAFEN, rather than 
				Henry Edinger


From: Bacon Gershon <GBacon@...>
Date: Mon, 02 Dec 96 14:39:00 PST
Subject: Origins of Word "Daven"

The most logical and documented theory of the origins of the word "daven" was
offered by Judah A. Joffe in his article "The Etymology of Davenen and
Katoves", in the Proceedings of the American Academy of Jewish Research,
vol. 28 (1959), pp. 77-92. Joffe proposes a Slavic origin for the word, based
on the word for "to present a gift or offering". This was the word Jews used
to explain to Gentile acquaintances why they would go off in a corner at the
end of the afternoon - they were "davenen" - giving an offering (minha) of

Dr. Gershon Bacon
Dept. of Jewish History
Bar-Ilan University


From: <IKasdan189@...> (Yitzchak Kasdan)
Date: Sun, 8 Dec 1996 19:50:58 -0500
Subject: Rav Soloveichek's Chumash Shuir Notes

In the 1970's the Rav ztl gave a chumash shiur on Motzei Shabbos in
Boston that (at least for one year) was transcribed by a Lee Michaelson.
I have a copy of those notes and have been asked whether the notes can
be posted on the internet.  If anyone knows where Mr. Michaelson is
today and how he can be contacted, I'd very much appreciate assistance
in reaching him.


From: <ssmlhtc@...> (Daniel D. Stuhlman)
Date: Sun, 8 Dec 1996 10:44:00 -0600
Subject: Re; Double Yod in the Siddur

A few months ago someone came to our Library to investigate the use of
the double-Yod in the Siddur.  I did not read his paper, but I can tell
you that we looked at some very early printed Siddurim (4 or 5 hundred
years old).  We found out that the early printings did not use the
Tetragramaton.  They used the hay slash or yod-yod.  These editors
wanted to reduce the kedusha of the siddur because it was a book in
daily use and may fall on the floor or be abused.

Note that the editors of the Art Scroll Siddur have the Tetragramaton
for God's name.

I hope that this sheds a little light on the subject during this Hag

Daniel D. Stuhlman
Hebrew Theological College - Saul Silber Memorial Library
7135 N. Carpenter Road - Skokie, IL  60077
847-982-2500(voice), 847-674-6381(fax), voice mail: 847-674-5518
email: <ssmlhtc@...>


From: <CHIHAL@...> (Yeshaya Halevi)
Date: Mon, 9 Dec 1996 00:41:33 -0500
Subject: Sarah's Age

Shalom, All:
           I'm puzzled.  Yeetzhak got his name (root: laugh) because laughter
greeted the thought that an old couple such as Avraham and Sara would give
birth to a son.  But when Yeeshamel was born, Avraham was 86 and Sara was 76;
rather an advanced age.  (Even Avraham thought this was old, as evidenced by
the fact that later he was to say that his being 100 and Sarah's being 90 was
           So why do we only discuss old age when talking about Yeetzhak?
        Yeshaya Halevi (<Chihal@...>)


From: Zev Barr <zevbarr@...>
Date: Fri, 06 Dec 1996 07:30:19 +1100
Subject: Thrip in vegetables

We in Melbourne, Australia, have a big problem with thrip-infested
vegetables, especially asparagus, broccoli and cauliflower (perhaps an
example of of overcorrecting pesticide spray), even to the extent that
our kashrut list states that homegrown asparagus is not to be eaten.  My
wife is now at the stage where she has decided not to buy any further
cauliflower, hitherto unheard of.

Does anyone have any successful method to remove thrip from vegetables?
We have heard about soaking in salt water and other media, temperature
control and other similar unreliable techniques,

Happy Chanukah,

Zev Barr
  ,-._|\   Zev Barr                        
 /  Oz  \  <zevbarr@...>  Member, Melb PC User Group.
 \_,--.x/  Phone 061 3 95236482, Fax 061 3 97732012


From: <YacovDovid@...> (Yaacov David Shulman)
Date: Mon, 09 Dec 1996 08:36:24
Subject: Torah and racism

I am seeking quotes from gedolim (particularly, from Rav Kook and 
the leaders of Chabad) on racism.  My thanks in advance.

Yaacov David Shulman


From: <rhendel@...> (Russell Hendel)
Date: Sun, 8 Dec 1996 20:08:06 -0500
Subject: Trup Trivia: The Missing Segol

Everyone knows that after every Zarkah is a Segol

Where in Tenach do we find a Zarkah without a Segol following it.

Russell Hendel, Ph.d.,ASA, rhendel @ mcs drexel edu


From: <mshalom@...> (Saul Mashbaum)
Date: Mon, 09 Dec 1996 13:27:33 EST
Subject: Verse without an Etnachta

MJ readers interested in verses without an etnachta will be happy to
discover that the wide-spread verse "Vayidaber Hashem el Moshe leimor"
is in this category.

Saul Mashbaum


From: <ROSELANDOW@...> (Rose Landowne)
Date: Mon, 9 Dec 1996 11:08:55 -0500
Subject: Re: Wheelchair Accessible mikvah

Re wheelchair accessible mikvah: The mikvah at 78 st in Manhattan has
one mikvah which is being fitted with a sort of lift chair thing.  I
don't know if it is working yet.  Phone number is 212 799 1520.

Rose Landowne

From: <micha@...> (Micha Berger)
Date: Fri, 6 Dec 1996 08:41:32 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Wheelchair accessible mikvah

The mikvos in central Queens, NY, got together some years ago to make one of
them accessible. It was a good deal of money, so the neighborhoods pooled
(pun intentional) their funds.

I don't know which mikvah was converted, although I know it /isn't/ the
one in Kew Gardens Hills (which is one flight up from the ground).

Micha Berger 201 916-0287        Help free Ron Arad, held by Syria 3702 days!
<micha@...>                         (16-Oct-86 - 6-Dec-96)
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From: <gershon.dubin@...> (Gershon Dubin)
Date: Fri, 6 Dec 1996 10:52:59 PST
Subject: Wheelchair Accessible Mikvah

>Does anyone know the location of a wheelchair accessible mikvah?
	The new mikva in Flatbush, Brooklyn is the newest and one of the
few in the world.  It is on Ocean Avenue and Avenue L, tel.  718



End of Volume 25 Issue 40