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Yom Yerushalaim Message from Mayor Teddy Kolleck
         [Zvi Lando]


From: <lando@...> (Zvi Lando)
Date: Sat, 15 May 93 18:11:49 -0400
Subject: Yom Yerushalaim Message from Mayor Teddy Kolleck

[The following message includes a request to send an email message to
Mayor Teddy Kolleck, to be given to him on Yom Yerushalaim (Jerusalem
Day). I urge our readers to take advantage of this opportunity, and
request that those who do not mind, send me email that you have done so,
so that I have an idea of the response from our list in discussions with
the originators of this idea. I apologize that I took the weekend off :-), 
so you may have seen this elsewhere first. Your Moderator]


  Below you will find a press release from the Mayor's  office of 
the City of  Jerusalem, written  by the Honorable  Teddy Kolleck.
This  press release  will appear  in hundreds  of media spots all 
over the  world.  As a special  event, we are sending this out to 
all  the known Jewish  users of Internet  and the other connected 
commercial  networks and we  are inviting you all to write to the 
Mayor's  Internet address  given in  his header. Our hope is that 
your  replies will   help to  further the   interest in  Internet 
throughout the Jewish Global Community and the Internet Community
at large.

Thank-you and Happy Jerusalem Day to all,

MK Avadia Eli - Lt. Chairman of The Kenneset (Likud)
MK Avigdor Kahalani (Labour)
MK Dahlia Itzchak (Labour)
Joesph Van Zwarren - Min. of Science and Technology
Benyamin HaLevy - General Manager JINC
Zvi Lando - Network Manager 

                 The Jerusalem One Network

  The JICN  has taken the initiative of establishing a foundation 
to  fund  the  maintenance of  Jewish networking  activities from
Jerusalem.  The  foundation is   headed by  Israeli  businessmen,
Members  of  Kenesset, other key public figures, and  has already 
gotten  significant funding  to launch  the  establishment  of an 
information - server. This server will work in close contact with 
the  Israel project  at the NyserNet server in New York and  with 
similar motivated individuals and projects to advance the goal of
strengthening the Jewish community world-wide.

  Our hope is that, in the near future, to have at our facilities 
the resources  to initiate a  varied spectrum  of Jewish services 
and to allow  those who  wish to initiate such services to do so.

  In these beginning  months of our activity, we plan to initiate 
such  services which we feel  are within  our reach. With this in 
mind, we have as our main goal the Jewish university students and 
Jewish high  schools who  will soon be the leaders of our people.

We have the following goals:

1) To work with schools,  Jewish  organizations and  institutions 
   throughout the Jewish Global Community.

3) To connect with Jewish people throughout the world and to give 
   them  interesting and  important Jewish  information  services 
   which will strengthen  their roots  to the  Jewish People  and 
   their contact with Israel.

3) To provide Jewish university students a wealth of services and
   information  about  Israel,  Zionism and  Jewish  culture  and 
   sciences, information tailored to their interests and demands.

4) To publish a  catalogue on  Jewish  networking  and to provide 
   promotional  information which  will enable  a Jew anywhere in 
   the  world to  know how  he can  find  any  information   that 
   interests  him and  to allow  easy  access to  these services.

5) To  insure correct  and timely  maintenance of these services.

6) To enrich  the network knowledge of these users and to execute 
   programs that  will encourage them  to actively participate in
   the project.

7) To  actively take part  in a world-wide champaign to encourage
   Jewish people  and students to connect  to the Internet and to
   use our services.

8) To offer The Jerusalem One network for Non-Jews over the world 
   as a reference and information  center from where they too can 
   learn about the Jewish People and Israel

  Again, I wish to greet you all on  Jerusalem Day and would like
any and  all of the  thousands of users on the different computer  
networks  on  Internet to  reply  directly to  Teddy's  Jerusalem 
office  with your blessings for  Jerusalem  Day  at his  personal 
Internet address: 



Zvi Lando
Jerusalem One Network Manager

P.S. On an administrative note, 

1) I apologize to  all those who received multiple copies of this 
important message. 

2) In the next few days, we will  have notified NIC in the US and 
Europe and our domain name will be : 


For your replies,  please use the email address of Teddy as noted 

3) Again, your replies will have an important contribution to our
efforts.  Please be so good as to send  them out by  May 18th to:


                    *    Mayor of Jerusalem    *
                    *                          *
                    *       Teddy Kollek       *

                       JERUSALEM DAY MESSAGE                                 

*                                                                          *
* On the 28th day of Iyar (May 19) we shall once again mark Jerusalem Day, *
* the 26th  anniversary of the  reunification of Jerusalem. It is always a *
* time of recollection and reflection.                                     *
*                                                                          *
* In our  thoughts, we  encounter the  Jerusalem of the media headlines, a *
* city  of  tensions  and troubles.  But in  fact, this  is a  city  which *
* Jerusalemites  can hardly  recognize.  There are,  of course,  problems. *
* There are political  complexities of our part  of the world which cannot *
* but affect life  in Jerusalem  as well, although to a much lesser extent *
* than elsewhere. There are economic  problems as we meet the challenge of *
* absorbing  the  mass immigration  from the  former Soviet Union and from *
* Ethiopia and  of providing  proper employment  for Jews and Arabs alike. *
* There are social problems as the city's residents learn to live together *
* even in adversity.  There are  housing needs, all of  which must be met. *
*                                                                          *
* What  rarely  makes the  headlines is  the  Jerusalem of  everyday,  the *
* Jerusalem of good tidings. There are few headlines on the vast number of *
* tourists  who  reached  our  city in  the past  twelve  months,   on the *
* beautiful Tisch Zoo which  we opened just  recently (and on a single day *
* in the Passover holiday had 30,000 visitors),  on the Bloomfield Science *
* Museum which is a singular  educational and educational facility, on the *
* Arab  Central Library which was a  gift of friends from  many countries, *
* even on the new mall which is the largest in the Middle East. I could go *
* on and on.                                                               *
*                                                                          *
* As we look to the future,  we do so with one overriding thought in mind: *
* the  peace process.   The steps will be  painfully  slow;  there will be *
* occasional  steps backward;  but there is a process and there are people *
* talking who never  talked before.  Jerusalem will be part of  this peace *
* process and we shall do everything to ensure that the future of the city *
* is based on mutual respect and understanding.                            *
*                                                                          *
* Jerusalem  is flourishing.  It is beautiful.  And it awaits the visit of *
* first-timers and the return  visit of  those who  have been here before. *
*                                                                          *
* Thank-you;                                                               *
*                                                                          *
* (signed)                                                                 *
* Teddy Kollek                                                             *
* <Kollek@...>                                          *
*                                                                          *


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