Volume 7 Number 60

Subjects Discussed In This Issue: 

         [Avi Feldblum]
         [Bob Kosovsky]


From: <mljewish@...> (Avi Feldblum)
Date: Tue, 25 May 1993 07:41:43 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Administrivia

Hello all,

I would like to wish everyone a happy Shavuot. May you all learn well,
daven well and enjoy your cheesecake! I'll be taking a break from
mail-jewish till at least after Yom Tov (I still have a bunch of cooking
to do, and my employer for some reason thinks I should work as well) and
probably till after Shabbat, but you should all have a bunch of stuff to
read over Yom Tov.

Plans for the Picnic/BBQ look like they are moving ahead nicely, and we
may have a real nice sized crowd. I'm looking forward to meeting some of
you that I have email corresponded with for a while but never met in

I will try and catch up with personal messages from people and
clarifying status of old messages during the weekend. My goal is to have
nothing from before yesterday left in the queue by the end of the
memorial day weekend. If you have any questions for me, this is a good
weekend to try and get them in to me.

I received a few replies to the question of whether mail-jewish was
getting "too explicit" and they all were in support of the current
format, i.e. the material/topics were basically things that we should be
discussing. I will summarize the replies over the weekend and report it
to all of you.

Avi Feldblum
mail.jewish Moderator


From: Bob Kosovsky <kos@...>
Date: Tue, 25 May 93 00:13:17 -0400


        M A I L - J E W I S H   P I C N I C   U P D A T E ! !

Based on the enthusiastic response, the following dates and location have been 


  ..and, of course - bring the kinderlach! (kids)

If you have not yet informed me of your desire to attend, please send me a 
message at:
<kos@...>     (Bob Kosovsky)

 From this date a separate alias list will be created for those who have
returned the questionnaire or expressed an intention to come to the
picnic for the purpose of providing information concerning exact
location, time, volunteers, and transportation directions and/or

The following people have thus far responded.  Please send me
corrections or your name if I have left it out.

<brodin@...>		Barry H. Rodin
<rig@...>			Ronald Greenberg
<FBBIRNBAUM@...>	Freda B. Birnbaum
<schwartz@...>		Steven Schwartz
DVORAH%<HUJIAGRI@...>	Dvorah Art
PYPCHS%<EZMAIL@...>	Chaim Stern
<ALUSTIG@...>		Arnold Lustiger
<er@...>		Elie Rosenfeld
<engelson-sean@...>	Sean Philip Engelson
<nuucp@...>		Avi Feldblum
<lhsux@...>		Lorne Schachter
<farkas@...>		Zev Farkas
<vgabay@...>		Victor Gabay
<bob@...>		Ezra Bob Tanenbaum
<dacooper@...>		david cooper
<Zev@...>		Zev Kesselman
<turkel@...>		Eli Turkel
<mel@...>	Mel Barenholtz
<elk@...>		Ellen Krischer
<agw@...> 		Art Werschulz
<VISWANATH@...>	Meylekh Viswanath
<shg@...>		samuel h. gamoran
TKGOC03%<EZMAIL@...>	Neal Auman
<susanh@...>		susan hornstein
<leora@...>		Leora Morgenstern
<jmh@...>		Justin Hornstein
imsasby!<dgeretz@...>	Daniel Geretz
<abramson@...>	Henry Abramson
<uri@...>		Uri
<kos@...>	Bob Kosovsky


End of Volume 7 Issue 60