Volume 7 Number 85

Subjects Discussed In This Issue: 

Aliyah and elderly parents
         [Shlomo Marcus]
An invitation for keen cyclists!!
         [Mark Katz]
Ancient Script
         [Michael Shimshoni]
Dem bones gonna rise again...
         [Freda Birnbaum]
ENGLAND address
         [Uri Meth]
         [Sari Baschiri]
San Diego
         [Neal Auman]
Taragin advertisement
World Congr. of J. Studies this week to meet
         [Naomi G. Cohen]


From: Shlomo Marcus <mernav@...>
Date: Tue, 15 Jun 93 22:15:34 +0300
Subject: Aliyah and elderly parents

    My family and I came on aliyah over twenty years ago from the 
New York City area.  My mother then was working, quite active and 
healthy.  Twenty years have taken their toll, however, and now my mother 
requires some care.  Aliyah is somewhat impractical for her because of 
lack of medicare benefits in Israel, language, etc. On the other hand, 
my employment is in Israel, my wife's family lives here and we and our 
children have developed our own roots, making it impractical for us to 
consider returning to the U.S.  I have made arrangements for home care 
for her, but being so far away it is difficult for me to oversee the 

    Although the subject of contradictions between the mitzvah of aliyah 
and the mitzvah of honoring parents might be a candidate for future 
discussion, I am currently seeking a practical alternative.  It occurred 
to me that among the mail.jewish readership there might be someone with 
the same problem in reverse -- located in the New York area, with a 
parent to look after in or near Haifa.  If so, a mutually beneficial 
arrangement might be reached in which I could oversee the care of the 
parent in Israel in exchange for someone looking in on my mother every 
now and then.  Any takers?

    I have arranged to be in New York during July, but will have to use 
part of the time to make up for the work I'm missing back home.  To do 
this I require a PC, which brings me to the next question.  Does anyone 
out there know of some computer room in or around Brooklyn, possibly 
associated with a university,  at which someone could come off the 
street and work at a PC for several hours?  Thanks in advance.

Sherman Marcus


From: Mark Katz <mark@...>
Date: Wed, 16 Jun 93 10:29:57 -0400
Subject: An invitation for keen cyclists!!

On Nov 13-21 this year is a 'Biblical Bike Ride' from Askelon to Eilat
modelled on a similar one last year from Dan to Beer-Sheva. It covers
250 miles over 5 days (Sunday thru Friday) with no more than 60 miles
in one day - some of it is 'off-road'

You will be supplied with a mountain bike and accommodation/food each
day till the end of the ride, but you must pay for your flight and bring
with helmets, togs etc.  250 participants are expected, split into 4
categories of achievement (slow thru fast) but it's not a race and each
day is broken into chuncks of only 20 miles

The ride is for RAVENSWOOD a UK-based Jewish charity looking after
disabled children. You must pay 175 to join and commit to raise no less
than 1800 pounds in sponsorships

Last year there were 30 dati people with minyan 3 times a day etc and
kosher food

I am going on the ride and we had a practice run to the RAVENSWOOD village on
Sunday last - a round trip of 78 miles for those who dared.

For further information call Gordon Fox on 44 81 905 5557/fax 209 1618.


From: Michael Shimshoni <MASH@...>
Date: Wed, 16 Jun 93 10:10:43 +0300
Subject: Ancient Script

In the interesting  article of Sam Goldish about Shemot  I was puzzled
by one minor point:

>2.  The Name, authentically, must be in "K'tav Ashurit" (ancient Hebrew
>script) because it is K'tav Ashurit that gives it its sanctity.

I had thought that "K'tav Ashurit"  is our *present* Hebrew script and
not the ancient one which was in use till the destruction of the first

Michael Shimshoni


From: Freda Birnbaum <FBBIRNBA@...>
Date: Mon, 21 Jun 93 07:18 EDT
Subject: Dem bones gonna rise again...

In V7N81, Allen Elias states

>If you have no way of finding if they are from a Jew or not, I recommend
>asking the Chevra Kadisha for advice. The Chevra Kadisha in Jerusalem
>and the Israeli Army chaplains have a way of identifying bones.

I find this latter statement utterly astounding.  They can tell what
bones are from Jews and non-Jews?  Can you tell us how they do this?

Freda Birnbaum


From: <umeth@...> (Uri Meth)
Date: Tue, 15 Jun 93 15:21:51 EDT
Subject: ENGLAND address

In my copy of the Agudath Israel of America Traveler's Hospitality Guide
they give the address and phone number of their London office:

	Agudath Israel of Great Britain
	97 Stamford Hill
	London, England

I don't know how recent my copy of this list is, so I will include the
number for the main headquarters in NY if you need more info or more up
to date info:

	Community Services Division
	Agudath Israel of America
	84 William Street
	New York, NY  10038
	(212) 797 - 9000 ext. 65

Good luck in you travels.

Uri Meth                (215) 674-0200 (voice)
SEMCOR, Inc.            (215) 443-0474 (fax)
65 West Street Road     <umeth@...>
Warminster, PA 18974


From: Sari Baschiri <sari@...>
Date: Fri, 18 Jun 1993 14:08:25 +0300
Subject: Mezuzot

I have a halachic question and an offer all rolled into one: A talented young
"Sofer Stam" (one who writes mezuzot, Torah scrolls, and tefillin) I know is
interested in selling his mezuzot to Jews in America (for $18 apiece). His
work is beautiful. My halachic question is: Is there a difference between
Ashkenazi and Sephardi mezuzot? (I've noticed that Sephardi ones are larger
than the average Ashkenazi ones -- is this just coincidence?) My offer, of
course, is that anyone who's interested in purchasing such mezuzot (if there's
a difference between Ashkenazi and Sephardi mezuzot, I'm sure he can adapt)
may contact me for more information.

As long as I'm on the topic, I've often wondered whether there's any
halachic problem with a woman becoming a Sofer Stam. I'd be extremely
interested to hear some halachically-based opinions on this issue.


Sari Steinberg Bchiri


From: Neal Auman <TKGOC03%<EZMAIL@...>
Date: Wed 16 Jun 1993 14:40 ET
Subject: San Diego

I would appreciate it if anyone could supply me with any information
concerning Kosher food, Orthodox Shuls, etc. in San Diego, CA.  Please email
directly to me.  Thanks.



From: <dmw2@...> (D.M.Wildman)
Date: Mon, 21 Jun 93 07:50:40 EDT
Subject: Taragin advertisement

We are Moving to Israel and want to inform you of the
following items for sale (or rent)

House for Sale or Rent by owner
Sale Price - $259,000
Rental Price - $1600 / month plus utilities

Highland Park NJ, USA - North Side Colonial
4 - 5 bedrooms (including master suite)
Large, deluxe eat-in kitchen (including two sinks, two dishwashers,
double oven) 
Den off kitchen
Great location- close to Shuls, Shopping ,etc.
and much, much more!

1987 Toyota Camry Wagon in excellent condition with low mileage (36K miles)
asking $7,500

Lovely Dining Room Set - $1,200

Classic, solid wood bedroom set by Century - $2000

Best Offers will be accepted!!

Call Adina Taragin :
at home - (908) 246-8410
at work - (908) 699-4171                    


From: Naomi G. Cohen <RVOLF01@...>
Date: Mon, 21 Jun 93 13:42:02 IST
Subject: World Congr. of J. Studies this week to meet

If there are `MAIL-JEWISH' subscribers who will attend the World Congr.
of J. Studies this week who would like to meet, I would much appreciate
your bitneting them to the above address immediately - and
alternatively, posting such information in a prominent place on the
Bulletin Board of the Congress (I presume there will be such a thing for
the relaying of interpersonal messages).

Sincerely, Naomi Cohen



End of Volume 7 Issue 85