Volume 8 Number 11

Subjects Discussed In This Issue: 

Apartment in Haifa
         [David Cikk]
Bay Area and San Jose
         [Janice Gelb]
Chabad in San Francisco
         [Howie Pielet]
Employment Search in Israel
         [Aryeh Koenigsberg]
Kashrut in SF and south
         [Zara Haimo]
Returning to Israel - For Sale
         [Sam Gamoran]
San Francisco and environs
         [Aimee Yermish]


From: <duvy@...> (David Cikk)
Date: Thu, 1 Jul 93 01:57:20 +0300
Subject: Apartment in Haifa

Does anyone know of availble apartment for rent in Haifa for the month of
September, preferably near the Technion?

Responses can be sent to me at <duvy@...> until July 8.

David Cikk.


From: <Janice.Gelb@...> (Janice Gelb)
Date: Wed, 30 Jun 93 23:45:30 -0400
Subject: Re: Bay Area and San Jose

In mail.jewish Vol. 8 #4 Digest, Steven Edell answers Arthur 
Roth's request for info on the San Francisco Bay Area:

> The Orthodox congregation there (I forgot the name; see the
> person's contact name below) is a young, vibrant congregation, very
> friendly, and I enjoyed meals at several different homes in the
> community.

The name of the synagogue Steven Edell mentioned in San Jose is
Congregation Am Echad; however, Pat Bergman (information on whom Steve
has already provided) usually answers their phone messages anyway so
you might as well call straight to her. 

There are no hotels/motels in the area, which is the only advantage to
going someplace in San Francisco. Unfortunately, I live in the southern
part of the Bay Area and am not familiar with the shuls, eating
establishments, etc. in San Francisco itself. (For example, the fact
that there might be a problem with the Lotus Garden vegetarian Chinese
place in SF was news to me!)

> About Kashrut, I remember one kosher "Israel-style" place in Oakland
> that they knew about in San Jose, good food, pretty cheap.

It's called Holy Land Kosher Restaurant and has a dismal atmosphere 
and only so-so food.

There's a kosher butcher in San Jose that carries deli items and 
makes sandwiches; although I wouldn't call it a restaurant, it 
does have a couple of tables near the deli counter. The people 
from Am Echad eat there so the kashrut it definitely ok.

> 4. Is there an eruv anywhere in the Bay Area, or in San Jose?

Surely you jest! No, we're not nearly organized or large enough 
for that...

Janice Gelb                  | (415) 336-7075     
<janiceg@...>   | "A silly message but mine own" (not Sun's!) 


From: <pielet@...> (Howie Pielet)
Date: Fri,  2 Jul 93 12:17:02 CST
Subject: Chabad in San Francisco

A few years ago, we spent a very nice Shabbat in downtown San Francisco.  The
minyan was small (in a room in a hotel, as I recall).  The hospitality of
the Chabad family was wonderful.

Howie Pielet   Internet: <pielet@...>  (East Chicago, Indiana, USA)


From: Aryeh Koenigsberg <akoenig@...>
Date: Wed, 30 Jun 1993 23:17:04 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Employment Search in Israel

As my wife and I will iy"h be making aliyah this August with our two
children, I have begun to research employment prospects in the computer
industry in Eretz Yisrael.  I have programming experience in a number of
languages, in environments ranging from VAX/VMS to Unix workstations,
PC's and networks. I am a graduate of Yeshiva University and hold a Master's
degree from the City College of New York.  I am fluent in Hebrew.

I joined Tehilla's pilot trip last December and was very pleased with the
contacts I made then -- but no offers (which is understandable).

All information on this matter will be welcome and would certainly be
rewarded as fulfillment of the mitzvah of yishuv Eretz Yisrael!

Replies can be directed to me through July 8.  Thereafter, Aharon Naiman
(<naiman@...>) will be receiving e-mail for me.

"Eretz shechamduha avot ha'olam"  -Tanchuma Re'eh

                                       Aryeh Koenigsberg
                                       Silver Spring, MD


From: <Zara.Haimo@...> (Zara Haimo)
Date: Wed, 30 Jun 93 11:06:45 PDT
Subject: Kashrut in SF and south

In vol. 8, no. 2 Arthur Roth asked for information on kashrut in San
Francisco and San Jose.  Following is my file on the subject:

For San Francisco (I've given guesstimates on travel
times from the Moscone Convention Center):  


		Lotus Garden
		local supervision, strict Buddhist vegetarian Chinese
		serves both kosher and non-kosher wines
		fortune cookies not kosher
		(in Chinatown, about 30-40 minute walk from Moscone)
		532 Grant Avenue

		local supervision, Israeli
		(just west of Union Square, about 30 minute walk from Moscone)
		420 Geary (at Mason)

		Noah's Bagels
		kof K supervision
		(in the Marina district, about 15 minute drive from Moscone)
		2075 Chestnut (at Steiner)

		Vegi Food	
		no supervison, strict Buddhist vegetarian Chinese
		(many people will eat here) 
		(out in the "Avenues", about 20-30 minute drive from Moscone) 
		1820 Clement 

		Mount Zion Hospital Cafeteria 
		may not be supervised now, call first
		1600 Divisidero

	Kosher Markets:

		All the following have local supervision and will make
		local deliveries.

		Israel and Cohen
		5621 Geary
		may have a lunch counter

		2435 Noriega

		Tel Aviv
		1301 Noriega


		Chabad has organized a more or less daily mincha/maariv
		Minyan that meets at Natan's restaurant.  Call them at
		922-0770 for more information.  The Rabbi is Josef

		Most synagogues are out in the Avenues which can be a
		bit of a drive from downtown at rush hour.  This is not
		a complete list:

		Richmond Torah Center 
		Rabbi Aaron Hecht
		5238 Geary

		Young Israel
		Rabbi Pinchas Lipner
		1806-A Noriega

		Chevra Thilim
		751 25th Avenue
		(has 7:00am minyan)

Palo Alto, the Peninsula, and San Jose:

	Palo Alto Orthodox Minyan (morning minyan at 6:30am), 453
	Sherman (very near the corner of Page Mill and El Camino, close
	to the California Avenue shopping district, on the south side
	of Sherman Street, just east of El Camino Real). 326-5001.

	Chabad (Ahavas Yisroel, 3070 Louis Road, also in Palo Alto, but
	about 2 miles further away).  Morning minyan at 7:00.  Rabbi
	Yosef Levin.

	Am Echad in San Jose, California (408-267-2591).  Rabbi Lapin.
	Mrs. Bergmann (408-264-3138) is in charge of arranging

	Mollie Stone's Grocery has a large kosher section including
	frozen and dairy products (on California Ave at Park in Palo
	Alto, near the train station), 164 California Ave, 323-8361.

	Bountiful Bakery (in south San Jose) has opened a kosher
	cafe/snack bar at the JCC on Arastradero Road in Palo Alto.

	Kosher butcher in San Jose, about a 25 minute drive from Palo
	Alto (except in rush hour), Willow Glen Kosher Meat Market

	Kosher place for sit down eating is Posh Bagel on Main Street
	in "downtown" Los Altos. 10 minutes by car from Palo Alto,
	great bagels and make up a variety of dairy and fish sandwiches
	to eat on the premises or take out.


From: <shg@...> (Sam Gamoran)
Date: Wed, 30 Jun 93 09:14:13 -0400
Subject: Returning to Israel - For Sale

We've had a very successful year in America, but now it is time to return
home.  In order to do so, we have to shed some 'things'.  And so:

2 twin beds
3 dressers (2 with mirrors) - more suitable for children
1 desk with chair
10 assorted dinette chairs

2 Quasar air conditioners -  $250 ea.
6,000 BTU
lightweight plastic cases - easy to put in and take out
1 year old, lightly used
Special - Free Shabbat timer with every air conditioner purchased

1986 Plymouth Voyager SE
color maroon
8 seater (includes middle front bench seat)
2.1L 4 cyl. automatic, power steering
65,000 miles
new brakes, shocks, tires, air conditioner, fuel pump (work done this year)

merchandise is available for sale/pickup on or about Sunday August 1st.
The car is available on Sunday August 8th.

Interest persons can call me at (908) 545-6910 (home) (908) 699-5218 (work)


From: <ayermish@...> (Aimee Yermish)
Date: Wed, 30 Jun 93 16:33:56 -0400
Subject: San Francisco and environs

In Palo Alto, there's a grocery store called Mollie Stone's, which has
been doing a nice job of catering to the local kosher community (I
know people who drive down from the city because it has better
selection and prices than the places in SF).  Mostly packaged goods,
frozen meat, and such, although they also have a kosher-fish-only
knife and cutting board so you can get fresh fish -- you have to ask
specifically for this.  It's on California Street, near the train

In San Jose, there's a kosher supermarket called Willow Glen Market,
which is also the name of the street it's on.  They have fresh meat
and such there, in addition to packaged goods, and they also deliver



End of Volume 8 Issue 11