Volume 8 Number 55

Subjects Discussed In This Issue: 

         [Leah S. Reingold]
         [Joseph Greenberg]
Bloodletting and Feminine Torah (Re: mail.jewish Vol. 8 #47 Digest)
         [Michael Kramer]
Day School Types
         [Robert P Klein]
Disneyworld -- Info Request
         [Andy Goldfinger]
Kosher Food in Germany
         [Edith Lubetski]
Looking for Mikvah in Connecticut
         [Ron Moritz]
Rosh Hashono
         [Allen Elias]
         [Allen Elias]
Shuls in Anchorage
         [Rivkah Isseroff]
Tzomet Institute and Tchumin
         [Elliot Lasson]
Yeshiva Students and the Army
         [Shaul Wallach]


From: <leah@...> (Leah S. Reingold)
Date: Fri, 23 Jul 93 18:05:34 -0400
Subject: Re: Abortion

[Sorry; Leah asked me to append this to the end of her last posting and
missed appending it. Mod.]

I would like to add that "Operation Rescue" (and, indeed, most of the other
similar groups in the U.S.) is an anti-semitic group, which has as one of
its goals to get rid of Jewish doctors, whom they blame publicly for abortions
in America.  When I have gone to clinic defenses against OR, I have heard
their speakers shout out against Jewish doctors in speeches, blaming the
alleged money lust of Jewish doctors for the abortions done in the U.S.  I
hope with all of my heart that no self-respecting Jew would ally herself or
himself with such a group.


From: Joseph Greenberg <72600.225@...>
Date: 26 Jul 93 08:59:23 EDT
Subject: Blood-Letting

I understand that the leniency regarding giving blood for pay because it
is therapeutic is related to the old custom of blood-letting, which
unfortuately still seems to have some quasi-scientific studies that seem
to support it's use.


From: <mpkramer@...> (Michael Kramer)
Date: Fri, 23 Jul 93 19:14:44 -0400
Subject: Bloodletting and Feminine Torah (Re: mail.jewish Vol. 8 #47 Digest)

Two brief notes:

1.  Re: R. Danny Wolf's perplexity over R. Moshe's reference to giving
blood as therapeutic--perhaps R. Moshe was referring to the ancient
medical practice of bleeding patients to bring the humors back into

2.  Checked on Howard Joseph's reference to Kiddushin, re: "Torah" as a
noun that may be either masculaine or feminine.  As it turns out, the
noun in question there is "derekh," and "Torah" is discussed as a
feminine noun in relation to it.  Indeed, the Maharsha suggests that
"Torah" is feminine because, as the pasuk mentioned in the Gemara
suggests, "she" is "'meshivat nefesh' adam," i.e. she refreshes man's
soul.  The refernce is Kiddushin 2b.


From: Robert P Klein <kl2@...>
Date: Mon, 26 Jul 93 09:11:56 -0400
Subject: Day School Types

Can anyone provide a brief description of the difference(s) between
Community Day Schools and "cheder" type day schools.  I gather from some
things that I have read that cheder day schools are to the right of
community day schools. My question is how would I know a cheder type
school if I saw one and where is the boundary line between a community
school and a cheder school.  We have several day schools here in the
Washington DC area, and I am wondering if the frumest of them would be
considered a cheder type school.

Thanks for any info you can provide.


From: Andy Goldfinger <andy_goldfinger@...>
Date: 26 Jul 1993 09:28:03 U
Subject: Disneyworld -- Info Request

I am planning (Im Yirtzeh HaShem) to take my family to Disneyworld (The
Orlando Florida location).  Does anyone know anything about the food
situation there (ie. in the park, not in the city).  I have heard that
they don't want people to bring their own food into the park.  Is any
kosher food available?  What have other people done?


From: Edith Lubetski <lubetski@...>
Date: Wed, 21 Jul 93 23:04:28 -0400
Subject: Kosher Food in Germany

I would like to know what kind of food is kosher in Germany. CAn kosher
bread, or dairy products be found?  Does anyone know if there is a
sysnagogue in Munster, Germany.  According to the Jewish Travel Guide
all they have is a community center.  Thanks Edith Lubetski


From: Ron Moritz <rxm8@...>
Date: Mon, 26 Jul 93 11:23:01 -0400
Subject: Looking for Mikvah in Connecticut

[Mazal Tov, Ron! Mod.]

I am getting married in New Haven, Connecticut, on August 8, 1993.  I
live in Cleveland, Ohio, and will be flying to Connecticut on Friday,
August 6, 1993.  I do not have time to go to the Mikvah on Sunday before
the wedding; I would, however, like to go on Friday before Shabatt or
Saturday after Shabatt.  Saturday is probably out of the question
because Shabatt ends late and the women will have priority.  Friday
afternoon would be fine.  So, not knowing New Haven (or Bridgeport,
Connecticut), does anyone know of any Mikvot in the area?  If so, could
you forward the telephone number and contact person to me so that I can
make arrangements?  Send e-mail to:
Thanks for your help!

Ron Moritz, CISA, CISSP / Associate Director
Case Western Reserve University 
Internet:  <rxm8@...>
Voice:     (216) 368-6643  --  Fax:       (216) 368-5466


From: Allen Elias <100274.346@...>
Date: 25 Jul 93 11:12:29 EDT
Subject: Rosh Hashono

I am looking for a place in Jerusalem to spend Rosh Hashono. My wife and
I would prefer a Yeshivishe atmosphere for the 3 days including Shabes.
Please reply by E-mail or call 04-376048 evenings.


From: Allen Elias <100274.346@...>
Date: 24 Jul 93 14:47:19 EDT
Subject: Shababnikim

Reply to Arye Frimer	   Volume 8 Number 26

>These Shabanickim have been reported to harrass members of the opposite sex,
>intimidate shop owners and passersby and be involved in petty theft.
>Somewhere between "moshav leitzim" and Juvenile deliquency.
>	In addition to being a serious "Hillul Hashem", They undermine
>the Haredi Claim that their youth be exempt from the Army on the grounds
>that they are defending the country through Limud ha-Torah.

There is no special exemption for Shababnikim because they are Haredim.
All youth, religious and otherwise, go through a screening process prior
to enlistment. Social misfits and those with police records are not
always accepted. Each case is decided on an individual basis.

>                     When challenged off the record, some Haredim will
>answer that sending their wayward shababnik son to the Army is a matter
>of Pikuach Nefesh. How's that for intellectual honesty? (I apologize in
>advance for the acerbic quality of that last statement, but I have an 18
>year old son entering Yeshivat Hesder and as Chazal say: Mai Hazit
>dedamach Samik tfai. What makes the blood of your son the Shababnik
>redder than my son the Hesdernik?)

I have seen more non-religious young men between 18-21 evading the draft
than Haredi Shababnikim. They are incompatible with military service and
present a danger to the other soldiers. I don't understand why anyone
would want them to serve together with their son. It would be a case of
"pikuach nefesh" to do so.


From: Rivkah Isseroff <rrisseroff@...>
Date: Sun, 25 Jul 93 18:21:26 -0400
Subject: Shuls in Anchorage

My parents hope to be visiting Anchorage Alaska during the week of Aug
17-25.  If anyone knows of any shuls, Kosher establishments, or any
Jewish contacts, I would much appreciate the information.  Any
suggestions on how I might obtain such information would also be
appreciated.  Many thanks.

Rivkah Isseroff


From: <Elliot_David_Lasson@...> (Elliot Lasson)
Date: Mon, 26 Jul 93 07:51:32 -0400
Subject: Tzomet Institute and Tchumin

A couple of months ago, I had a posting on MJ asking for information on
Tzomet Institute, specifically for info on ordering the Tchumin series.
One Israeli MJ reader was so kind as to find out the address and contact
person at Tzomet was in order to arrange this (at the time, Tzomet had
no e-mail address).  I had an additional inquiry.  I was wondering if
that same Israeli MJ reader could once again contact me directly at
<FC9Q@...>  (This MJ reader had put me in touch with an
"Ezra" at Tzomet.)

Thank you.
Elliot Lasson
14801 W. Lincoln, #104
Oak Park, MI 48237-1210


From: Shaul Wallach <f66204@...>
Date: Sun, 25 Jul 93 06:09:56 -0400
Subject: Yeshiva Students and the Army

     Elisheva Schwartz cited a number of cases of anti-religious
coercion in Israel, particularly in the army, to point out why David
Rier's proposal of having Haredi yeshiva students serve in the army and
secular soldiers study in yeshivot is unfeasible.

     Recently there was another case that made the newspapers. It
involved the court martial of an army Rav Zeva'i (chaplain) who let a
Habad man (his own rabbi, if I remember correctly) into an army camp and
offer putting tefillin on soldiers.



End of Volume 8 Issue 55