Volume 8 Number 70
                       Produced: Fri Aug  6 13:28:28 1993

Subjects Discussed In This Issue: 

         [Avi Feldblum]
"KM" or "KD" on food products
         [Mony Weschler]
Inquiry - Rabbi or Cantor position
         [Jonathan McCoy]
Kashrut Organization "KOA"
         [Shimon Schwartz]
Kosher Condo Available in Los Angeles
         [Steve Richeimer]
Kosher Food in Switzerland
         [Leeba Salzman]
Kosher Places in Dallas
         [Mony Weschler]
Looking to Lease in Boston
         [Steve Richeimer]
Missing Nun and Techeles.
         [Zvi Basser]
Woman Looking for Place to Stay a week in/near Paris (France)
         [Chester Edelman]


From: mljewish (Avi Feldblum)
Date: Fri, 6 Aug 1993 13:20:07 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Administrivia

Hello all,

I think that I have mostly recovered our subscribers file. If you
dropped the list in the last two weeks, I may likely have resubscribed
you, although I also sent you a message saying I have done so. Please
either drop it again, or drop me a note and I will do it for you. 

You may have seen on a few of the recent mailings that have gone out a
[]ed translation with the form [translation - Ed.] rather than the
[translation - Mod.]. That is because we now have second person acting
in "editor" mode for mail-jewish. This is Shaul Wallach, who has
volunteered to help me out with putting together the mail-jewish issues.
Thanks a lot, Shaul! Just to clarify what I mean by editor, I first read
all messages that come in to me, if there are any issues that need to be
resolved vis a vis content, I take care of that (using my moderator
hat). I will then either put the issue together directly, or ship the
messages to Shaul, who will take the individual messages, and put them
in the mailing format. If he sees words that need to be translated, he
will put them in with the Ed. notation, and I will use the Mod.
notation. This will help keep the backlog from building due to my not
having enough time. 

I will keep to the notion of not putting out more than 4 issues per day.
There was mixed replies to the question batching them versus spreading
them out during the day, so I will leave it as a random function for

Avi Feldblum
mail.jewish Moderator


From: Mony Weschler <WESCHLE@...>
Date: Fri, 6 Aug 93 10:48:46 -0400
Subject: "KM" or "KD" on food products

Does anybody know if "KM" or "KD" stand for Kosher dairy ??
I'v seen this appear on all types of products..

Mony Weschler
Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center
Manager (System Adm, Programer Analyst) Radiology Information Systems
212-305-8270 - <weschle@...>


From: Jonathan McCoy <MCCOY_J@...>
Date: 02 Aug 1993 08:51:08 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Inquiry - Rabbi or Cantor position

I have a friend of the family who is currently serving as a Cantor
out in the Mid-West.  He and his family are seeking to relocate (back)
to the North East Area.  He is seeking a Rabbi or Cantor position
preferrably in the Northeast.

As my discussion continued with members of his family, I thought of your
list (which I read on the internet listing), and wondered if you or your
readership might know of an opportunities that he might pursue, or another
means by which he might proceed with such a search.

I am not subscribed with your list and would appreciate any private 
replies at "<mccoy_j@...>" without the quotation marks.

You may post this note if you wish.  I wish to express appreciation
in advance for any assistance that you might provide.


Jonathan McCoy


From: <schwartz@...> (Shimon Schwartz)
Date: Fri, 6 Aug 93 10:48:47 -0400
Subject: Re: Kashrut Organization "KOA"

  From: <qgs4619@...> (Daniel Pittinsky)

  Would appreciate information on a Kashrus organization called "KOA".
  Symbol consists of map of U.S.A. with words "KOA" inside.

These are the initials of CA-based Kashrut Overseers of America.
Their usual symbol is a K with a semicircle to the left of
the vertical ("half-moon-K").

I don't personally hold by them, but your mileage may vary.


From: Steve Richeimer <shr@...>
Date: Tue, 3 Aug 93 21:53:11 -0400
Subject: Kosher Condo Available in Los Angeles

I have a 2 BR, 2 BA, 1495 sq ft condo available for lease, starting late 12/93.
The kitchen has been kept kosher since the building was new, 3 years ago.
It is easy walking distance to the many shuls in the Pico-Roberston area.
Rent is $1500/mo unfurnished or
        $1650/mo furnished (to meticulous housekeepers).
Minimum lease of 1 year.

For more information regarding this beautiful, light, airy condo, please
send e-mail.

Steven Richeimer


From: <leeba@...> (Leeba Salzman)
Date: Sun, 1 Aug 93 04:02:18 -0400
Subject: Kosher Food in Switzerland

I am looking for info on kosher food in Switzerland.  I am specifically
interested in Zurich, the Interlaken/Jungfrau/Grindelwad area, and St.
Moritz.  In addition to restaurants/eateries, I would like to know about
general grocery type things, e.g.  milk products, breads, etc.  Thanks
in advance


From: Mony Weschler <WESCHLE@...>
Date: Tue, 3 Aug 93 03:13:21 -0400
Subject: Kosher Places in Dallas

    I will be going to Dallas Texas on 8-16-93, does anybody know of
some kosher places???
    Thank you in advance..

Mony Weschler
Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center
Manager (System Adm, Programer Analyst) Radiology Information Systems
212-305-8270 - <weschle@...>


From: Steve Richeimer <shr@...>
Date: Tue, 3 Aug 93 21:53:09 -0400
Subject: Looking to Lease in Boston

I am looking for a 3 BR, 2 BA apt to rent from 12/93 to 1/95.
We are Kosher, and I will be doing a one year fellowship at Beth Israel
Hospital.  Therefore the ideal apt would be in Brookline, and have a
kosher kitchen.  Furnished is also a plus.

Please e-mail responses; thank you.

Steven Richeimer


From: <fishbane@...> (Zvi Basser)
Date: Sun, 1 Aug 93 01:58:57 -0400
Subject: Re: Missing Nun and Techeles.

1) Two years ago Meir Bar-Ilan published a note in Journal of Biblical
Literature supplying the ashrei "nun" verse from what he claims is a
very ancient work, "Gad, the Seer"-- . also one should note the worthy
comment of the Meshech Hahochmo on the value of asheri--  "alphabet and
praise of God's feeding the world."-- Rav Meir Simcha says that there
is predictable order in the world (=alphabet) but nonetheless there
is worked in to this the incidence of the miraculous (=God supplies
the world with enough things to support life for all creatures.)

2) As far as I know Rambam doesnt say anything about using white
tzitzis-- he gives the recipe for techelet and notes the rule that "not
using techeles does not invalidate the commandment of tzitzis" (unlike
R. Yehuda Hanassi who disqualifies tsitsis without techeles). All this
is in ch2 of hilchos tzitzis.

zvi basser


From: Chester Edelman <coe@...>
Date: Thu, 5 Aug 93 23:48:19 -0400
Subject: Woman Looking for Place to Stay a week in/near Paris (France) 


An artist with whom I am acquainted named Atara has an unanticipated
oportunity to visit France for a week from 29 August to 5 September,
to see the museums in Paris.  Before going to France, she will be
visiting Israel starting Monday, 13 August 1993.

She is hoping to find a frum family in or near Paris, with whom she
can stay during that time.  She is a Baalat Tshuva, 30's, single, and
will be traveling by herself.

If you can help her, or know someone who can, please contact Atara:

	until August 13 1993 by calling directly	+1 718 857 7397

	after August 13 1993 by sending email to	<coe@...>
		[I will hold the messages and she will call me]

Thanks muchly - Zei Gezundt - Chet.


End of Volume 8 Issue 70