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Akron, OH--Vol. 8 #87 Digest
         [Neil Parks]
apartment in Cambridge area
         [Arie and Dvora Bregman]
Atlanta, Georgia
         [Pinchus Laufer]
Jewish community in Dallas
         [Harold Gellis]
Kashrus at Disney
         [Andy Goldfinger]
Kosher in Omaha Nebraska
         [Harry Kozlovsky]
Vancouver, Canada
         [Yisrael Medad]


From: <aa640@...> (Neil Parks)
Date: Wed, 25 Aug 93 01:51:53 -0400
Subject: Akron, OH--Vol. 8 #87 Digest

>    Akron OH
>         [Deborah Sommer]
>I'm considering a job in akron, oh, and was wondering if anyone has some
>information.  all one of the guide books had was one shul, anshai sfard.
>any help would be appreciated.

To the best of my knowledge, that is indeed the only Orthodox shul in

About 20 miles south of Akron is Canton, home of the Pro Football Hall
of Fame.  It also has one Orthodox shul, called Agudas Achim.

If you want a larger Jewish community, you will have to look further
north to Cleveland, where you will find a dozen shuls, four kosher
restaurants, at least 3 or 4 kosher butchers, a couple of kosher
bakeries, and some excellent educational organizations.

Will you be working in beautiful downtown Akron?  From the east side
suburbs of Cleveland where the shuls are, it's a straight line via routes
271 and 8 to downtown Akron, approx 30 miles.

NEIL EDWARD PARKS       >INTERNET: <aa640@...>  OR
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From: Arie and Dvora Bregman <BANK1@...>
Date: Thu,  26 Aug 93 12:48 +0300
Subject: apartment in Cambridge area

Looking to rent a 2 bedroom apartment in the Cambridge area from
November 1-March 31. We are two religious professors going on sabbatical
from Israel. Possiblility to exchange for our apartment in Bayit-Vgan.
Appreciate any suggestions.  Arie and Dvora Bregman

I can be reached at 02 552616 at work and 02 438562; e-mail: bank2@huj
e-mail: <bank2@...>

Arie and Dvora Bregman


From: <plaufer@...> (Pinchus Laufer)
Date: Wed, 01 Sep 1993 15:37:16
Subject: Atlanta, Georgia

I will be attending two short courses at Georgia Tech in Atlanta this Fall.
One from Oct 26-28 and the next from Nov 1 - 5.  I would appreciate any info
on food etc. in the area - especially the feasibility of staying in the
affiliated hotel.

The second course poses a more severe problem - we will be on Standard time
and I may not be able to fly back to DC on Friday.  Does anyone have info
abou Shabbat accommodations?

Although this is beyond many people's event horizon I would appreciate
prompt responses as I'd like to get reasonable air fares.

Please respond diect to me at : <plaufer@...>
or work phone 703-578-2857.

Thank You



From: Harold Gellis <GELYC@...>
Date: Thu, 02 Sep 93 15:12:24 EDT
Subject: Jewish community in Dallas

I would like to report on the Orthodox Jewish community of Dallas
based upon my recent visit there which included a stay over
Shabbos.  I am sure that other Mail-Jewish members who have
occasion to visit Dallas will find some of this information to be
of use.

There are three regular orthodox shuls in Dallas which are:

1.   Congregation Sha'are T'filla, Rabbi Howard Wolk (Y.U.
musmach), 6131 Churchill Way, Dallas, TX, 75230, tel: (214) 661-

2.   Congregation Ohev Shalom, Rabbi Aryeh Rodin (Chofetz Chaim
musmach), tel: (214) 380-1292.

3.   Young Israel, no Rabbi.

The Young Israel membership are mainly sephardim.  There is also
a Chabad House headed by Rabbi Mendel Dubrawsky, 7008 Forest
Lane, Dallas, TX, tel: (214) 361-8600.

Congregations Sha'are T'filla and Ohev Shalom both provide
shabbos hospitality for visitors.  Alternatively, the following
hotel accommodations are available near Congregation Sha'are
T'filla at Prestonwood Suites ($60/night single).

There is an eruv in Dallas which encompasses the main part of the
Orthodox Jewish community which is centered along Preston Road
south of the LBJ Freeway.  Congregation Sha'are T'filla lies
within the eruv but Congregation Ohev Shalom, situated several
miles north, lies outside of the eruv as does Chabad House.  The
hotel is also within the eruv.

There is one kosher quasi-restaurant in Dallas which is the
Kosher Link (formerly Reichmann's) located at 7517 Campbell Road
in the Pavillion shopping center at the corner of Coit and
Campbell Roads.  The proprietor is Debby Linksman.  Kosher Link
has several picnic-like tables but is mostly a takeout store for
kosher products and meats.

There are a chain of supermarkets in Dallas called Tom Thumb.
The Tom Thumb supermarket at the Corner of Preston and Forest
Roads (several blocks south of Congregation Sha'are T'filla) has
a Kosher deli (where they will prepare meat sandwiches) and a
kosher bakery.

Kashrus in Dallas is supervised by the Vaad.  The head of the
Vaad is Rabbi David Shawel, an alumnus of Telshe Yeshiva, who is
also a congregant at Congregation Sha'are T'filla.

There is an elementary Jewish day school in Dallas, Akiba
Academy, for several hundred children.   The school is headed by
Rabbi Jacobson.  A newly formed high school for 9th and 10th
grades has just started.  There is also a kolel in Dallas which
sponsors shiurim and other learning activities for the community.

I was privileged to meet some of the school, kolel, and other
community leaders: Rabbis Wolk; Shawel; Fried; Bentzi Epstein;
Edmond; Bogart.  I also met some lay members: Harry Schick;
Michael Allen; David Mitchell; and Ken Arfa.  Altogether, there
were approximately 45 men in Congregation Sha'are T'filla on
shabbos morning.

There are over 40,000 Jews in Dallas (and a similar number in
Houston).  Dallas also has one of the largest Reform
congregations in America consisting of several thousand members.

The weather in the summer is extremely hot, approximately 98
degrees.  The nights rarely go below the 70's.  The fall / winter
months, however, are delightful - 60's by day, and 40's by night.
January is the coldest month.

The Dallas-Fort Worth airport is the largest airport in the
country, approximately the size of Manhattan.  Shuttle buses to
various hotels in the city are available from the airport for $12
per person (tel: 214-445-1441).  There is also a telephone
network at the airport for all the major hotels and city
services. I noticed that many bus drivers and hotel employees are
from the Middle East.

If staying at the Sheraton Park Central, send regards to David
Reardon, the chief chef.  He spent an hour personally preparing a
supper for me, directly under my supervision.

I want to thank the following people for sending me e-mail on
Mail-Jewish who made my stay possible: Sam Goldish; Michael
Allen; Bert Schreiber; Brocha Epstein; and Mony Weschler.  A
special thanks goes to David Mitchell and his lovely family.

Finally, I want to express my thanks to Mail-Jewish.  It is an
incredibly extraordinary medium for helping people network with
each other, and has the potential to help people not only obtain
information and accommodations in unfamiliar locations, but,
also, help subscribers make connections for job searches,
househunting, shiduchim, and community inquiries.

Heshy Gellis
internet: <GELYC@...>
voice: (718) 275-8751


From: Andy Goldfinger <andy_goldfinger@...>
Date: 27 Aug 1993 15:42:03 U
Subject: Kashrus at Disney

I'd like to thank those people who gave me advice on the kashrus
situation at Disney World.  I have now returned from a vaction in
Orlando, and I can update the information:

1.  Kosher airline type meals are available at Disney World by 24 hour
advance order.  The cost is $10.  We did not try any of them, so I
cannot report on their quality.

2.  The "Mickey" ice cream bars are no longer kosher.  They have
switched to another manufacturer.  There are kosher (kof-k) strawberry
ice bars available throughout the parks.  We did find one refreshment
stand that sold Wise potato chips with an OU.  We also found many pop
corn stands that stated that they sold Orville Redenbacker popcorn, but
we did not buy any since we were not sure of the kashrus status of their

3.  We did not have any trouble bringing food into the parks.  We packed
everthing in a back pack, and freely consumed our meals at various snack
type restaurants while we bought drinks.  We also noticed several
apparently non-Jewish families bringing in and eating their own food.
No one seemed to care one way or the other.

4.  We also visited Universal studios.  We did not ask about kosher
food, but we did find OU animal crackers and Hagen Dasz ice cream bars
for sale at several refreshmenty stands.

5.  We stayed at the Quality Suites on route 192 just outside of the
entrance to Disney.  We have a wonderful suite consisting of two
bedrooms, one living room, and a kitchen for about $129 per night.  The
kitchen had a microwave oven.

6.  On route 192, about a mile or two east of route 4, is a Publix
supermarket that stocks Empire chicken and pizza, and such things a OU
blintzes etc. all of which can be made in a microwave oven.  It also had
Hebrew National products, but without the OU.  We did not know about the
hasgacha of these products, so we didn't buy them.  Does anyone know the
current status of Hebrew National?  Do any of their products still have
the OU?

7.  There is a store in Orlando about 45 minutes from Disney World
called the Kosher Korner.  It is open during the day, and has a
selection of packaged foods.  They do make sandwiches, but they do not
have tables at which one can sit and eat.  I understand that they will
also deliver meals to hotels.

8.  We also visited Cape Canaveral.  They have a cafeteria at which we
found OU puddings.


From: Harry Kozlovsky <HKOZLOVS@...>
Date: 30 Aug 1993 13:35:27 EST
Subject: Kosher in Omaha Nebraska

A friend is going on a business trip next week to Omaha, Nebraska. Any
kosher establishments, Chabad etc....

Please e-mail to me personally (<hkozlovs@...>) as not to
overwhelm our moderator.

Thanks for any assistance.


From: MEDAD%<ILNCRD@...> (Yisrael Medad)
Date: Tue, 31 Aug 93 15:39 IST
Subject: Vancouver, Canada

Very good friends of mine, Chaim & Rivka Marantz and their 6 children
have gone out to Vancouver to teach at the Jewish school(s) there.  Is
there anyone on the list living there with whom I could perhaps be in
e-mail contact on occasion?  Yisrael Medad


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