Volume 9 Number 21
                       Produced: Tue Sep 14 18:18:15 1993

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Call for Aid to Yemenite Jews
         [Shaul Wallach]
Chofetz Chaim Foundation Daily Phone Shiur
         [Rob Slater]
The Rabbinic Rabinowitz Family Of Mogilev, Russia -Pt.1
         [Ofayr Efrati]


From: Shaul Wallach <f66204@...>
Date: Sun, 12 Sep 93 23:57:21 IST
Subject: Call for Aid to Yemenite Jews

     For those interested in making charitable contributions during the
period of the upcoming High Holy Days, I would kindly suggest support of
the recent Jewish immigrants from Yemen now in Israel as a worthy cause.

     The Jews from Yemen who have arrived in Israel during the past year
or so are part of the remnant of about 1000 Jews who remained in Yemen
after Operation Magic Carpet brought about 50,000 Jews from that country
during the years 1949-1951. Yemenite Jewry has the distinction of being
one of the most observant Jewish communities in the whole world, famed
for its steadfast preservation of authentic Jewish traditions in the
midst of one of the most oppressive societies.

     The Jews who remained in Yemen after the early 1950's were mainly
those who lived in outlying areas, primarily in the north of the
country, to which news of the emigration did not reach. These Jews were
left behind without a viable religious leadership and virtually without
contacts with the outside world until the late 1970's or early 1980's,
when fragmentary knowledge of their condition began to become known with
the progressive liberalization of the regime in San`a. Recent travellers
found them lacking much basic Jewish learning but nevertheless eager to
keep up their religious observance to the best of their knowledge.
Yemenite Jews from New York have recently opened a Talmud Torah in
Rayda, north of San`a, where religious life has been restored to the
traditional norms. In other parts of the country, however, where the
central government's control is less firm, the position of the Jews has
been less secure and there have been isolated reports of forced
conversion to Islam. For this reason an effort was organized to bring
the Jews remaining in Yemen to Israel as fast as the Yemenite government
would permit.

     The first groups of Jews arrived last year, and so far about 50
families, numbering some 250 Jews, have arrived in Israel. However,
their problems did not end with their arrival. The Jewish Agency, which
has taken charge of their immigration and absorption, has decided that
they must be "integrated" into Israeli society. Thus, while the Agency
has permitted the Yemenite children to be enrolled in religious schools
and yeshivot, it has refused to permit the housing of the immigrants in
a religious environment and has instead scattered them in immigrant
centers in Rehovot, Ashdod and recently Qiryat Gat. These centers are
situated in wholly secular neighborhoods where strong group pressures
are at work on them to discard their precious traditions. Some Agency
staff people have likewise unsympathetic attitudes toward the life style
of the immigrants. These policies remind us of the dark days of the
1950's, whem similar policies led to the wholesale secularization of the
Yemenites who immigrated then, as well as of all the other Oriental
Jewish communities. The controversy that erupted a few months ago in
Israel over their absorption was discussed also on soc.culture.jewish in
Usenet, and I can furnish digests of the discussion, including news
summaries and documentation of the parallel absorption of the 1950's, to
those interested.

     In the face of such unsympathetic official policies, groups of
religious Yemenites from Benei Beraq and elsewhere have devoted great
efforts to strengthen the spirits of their newly arrived brethren
against the secular threats to their religious observance. They have
organized Torah study groups and opened special classes for the boys and
girls, where special attention is being given to their educational
problems which are a result of their prolonged deprivation in Yemen.
They are also attending to their immediate material concerns such as
suitable employment and home furnishings. These special efforts are not
being funded by the government, and recently a large public gathering
was held in Benei Beraq, where a major fund drive was launched with the
blessings and recommendations of leading Ashkenazic and Yemenite rabbis
from Benei Beraq and Jerusalem.

     Last week I spoke personally with the head of the major group which
is undertaking this mission. The group is private and nonpartisan, and I
can testify to their devotion to the successful spiritual and material
absorption of the immigrants in keeping with their unique religious and
cultural traditions. I will be happy to provide anyone wishing to
participate in their cause with detailed information on how to make
charitable contributions.

    May the coming year find us peacefully and happily united to serve
our Creator in body and spirit.

Shalom and Shana Tova,

Shaul Wallach        <f66204@...>


From: <slater@...> (Rob Slater)
Date: Thu, 9 Sep 1993 20:57:44 -0700 (MST)
Subject: Chofetz Chaim Foundation Daily Phone Shiur

	I received an interesting announcement/fundraising request from the
Chofetz Chaim Heritage Foundation today in the mail that I think readers of
mail-jewish might be interested in.

	Apparently the foundation produces a daily 10-minute shiur
(lesson).  The shiur is free (except for the cost of the call, if
dialing long distance).  I have tried the service only once (today) so I
cannot vouch for the quality of the shiurim.

	The foundation also runs a shila (question) hotline.  This
service is also free.

	The foundation also sent a solicitation for donations along with
the card, however reposting the request is not and acceptable use of the
list IMHO.  If you are interested in contacting the foundation, please
send me E-Mail and I will send you the address.  (Personally, I intend
to use the service for a while and then make a decision on how much to
donate, if anything.)

	One final disclaimer: I am not affiliated the the Chofetz Chaim
Heritage Foundation nor am I an agent authorized to act on their behalf.

	Below is the actual text of the card I was sent.

Kol tuv,


    Call the Shmiras Haloshon Telephone Shiur for a 10-minute daily dose
      of learning that can really transform your outlook and your life.

        The Shiur runs 24 hours a day and is produced by Zalman Umlas.

	Atlanta       (404) 248-9264	Montreal       (514) 735-5955
	Baltimore     (410) 764-8273	New York
	Boston        (617) 787-7406	  English      (718) 436-5166
	Chicago       (312) 588-6633	  Yiddish      (718) 436-5656
	Cleveland     (216) 321-3555	Palo Alto      (415) 494-3356
	Deal          (908) 571-2627	Passaic        (201) 470-9008
	Detroit       (313) 967-3637	Philadelphia   (215) 878-9301
	Elizabeth     (908) 354-4990	Providence     (401) 453-3719
	Holland Park  (908) 985-7262	San Diego      (619) 229-1069
	Lakewood      (908) 363-7632    Silver Springs (301) 299-1069
	Los Angeles   (310) 276-6617	St. Louis      (314) 569-5971
	Monsey        (914) 362-5483	Toronto        (416) 398-7352




	Often other people's futures are placed in our hands when someone
asks us information about someone we know regarding a shidduch or a job.

	Now you can easily reach highly qualified Poskim with your shilos
on relaying information for shidduchim and job references, as well as
family and work conflicts.

	Call our hotline Monday through Thursday from 9 -- 10:30 pm, or
Motzei Shabbos after Havdala.  You can ask any shilos you may have, from
major to seemingly insignificant (because every word counts).  For
immediate shilos call our hotline for Rabbonim who are available at any

			  Call 9 -- 10:30 pm
			   and emergencies:
			    (718) 951-3696

			Monday -- Thursday evenings
			   and Motzei Shabbos

			In Monsey & Upstate N.Y.:
			    (914) 425-1667
			  Monday evening and
			    Motzei Shabbos



From: <ofayr@...> (Ofayr Efrati)
Date: Sun, 12 Sep 93 03:27:46 EDT
Subject: The Rabbinic Rabinowitz Family Of Mogilev, Russia -Pt.1

     I am doing Genealogial/Historical research on the Rabinowitz Family
>From the Romanova and Mogilev area of White Russia.  This particular
"""Rabinowitz""" family is a Levitical family.  Although the children of
immigrants were born in Sunderland, England, many of them can be found
in various parts of England (Birmingham,London,and Manchester),
Israel(Jerusalem,Ra'ananah, and Dolev), and the United States.

  I am interested in collecting stories, facts, memories,etc. about any
or all its members.  Interested parties can E-mail responses to me
directly, and I promise to respond to them.  Below is all the
information I have thus far.  Since the family is fairly large, I am
doing this in installations-there'll probably be 3.

    The furthest back I have been able to trace is to Rabbi Gedalyah
HaLevi Rabinowitz , a beloved student of Rabbi Israel Salanter.  He may
have originally been from Minsk, or may have been born in Mogilev circa
1820-1840 CE.  He had ten children by his wife Yehudit, all of whom died
(in one week of cholera) along with Rabbi Gedalyah except for the
youngest son--David.  Yehudit allowed some of the municipal Rabbanim to
send David away to another town to grow up.  He evetually obtained
smicha from the Vilna Kollel, and left Romanova for Mogilev to become a
practicing Rav there.  He married Leah Reina Furman and had 14 children
with her; 4 of these died during a cholera epidemic-I'm not sure whether
it was in Russia or England(more on this later).  After the 1906
pogroms, Rabbi David moved most of the family to Sunderland, England
where he became the 4th Rav of the Sunderland Beth Hamedrash.  His wife
Leah Reina died of cholera in 1917.  He retained the position until his
death in 1923.

Their children were:

A) Chenya: Whose children were
1) Tzivia Kurzner who died in the Russo-Japanese War of 1904-1906 of a
tropical disease near Vladivostok

2) Gedalyah Kurzner, who was taken by Rabbi David circa 1908 to live
with him because Chenya's 2nd husband(Mr. Ginsberg) wouldn't allow
Gedalyah and Hershel to live with them.  He became the Rabbi of the
Great Synagogue of Sydney(or is it Melboune??) and died (he married late
in life-without children) in the 1950's or 1960's.

3) Hershel Kurzner also came over with Geadalyah and Rabbi David.  He
became a freethinker in England, and after the Revolution of 1917,
returned to Russia.  According to rumors, he married and had
children-but nobody heard from him again.  He may have died in WW2 or
the purges.

4) Vera married a man named Mr. Pecker in Russia.  She had 1 son named
Hershel.  During WW2, they made their way to Tashkent for the duration
of the war.  After the war they spent time in the Bergen-Belson
Displaced persons camp.  Vera lost her sanity, and spent the rest of her
days in Israel until her death.  Hershel Peckar is a Lubavitcher (His
occupation is that of a silversmith) who now resides in Crown Heights,
New York.  Hershel reportedly has 5 children.

B) Rabbi Moshe Eliezer -stayed in Russia until circa 1921.  He obtained
smicha at Volozhin.  He was the Chief Rav of Orel Russia.  Upon hearing
of his father's failing health, he went to Sunderland, England to
succeed Rabbi David Rabinowitz as the 5th Rav of the Sunderland Beth
HaMedrash.  He died in Manchester circa 1947. His children were.
1) Rivah, who married a Mr. Klein and had 2 children- Leo and
    Lorna.  Leo Klein resides in Manchester, and works as a 
    dentist in Germany.  Lorna married Rabbi Morris Mohr and 
    had 8 children: 
    Avraham(zt'l),?,Henokh,?,Malka,Alti,Shoshana, and Avi.  They 
    also reside in Manchester.

2) Rabbi Gedalyah, founder of Beth Gedalyahu in Manchester,      
    England who had 5 children:Doreen, Lorah, Rabbi David  
    (current Rav of Beth Gedalyhu), Rabbi Lippa (headmaster of a 
    boys school in Manchester-author of the sefer Gidulei   
    Hekdesh: Hiddushim on Menachot, Zvachin, and Eruvin), and 
    Mortee( a barrister in London).

3) Rebbetzin Dame Sara Rabinowitz who resides in 
    Birmingham. Her children are: Lorna Goodkin, Rabbi   
    Avram Hersh (z'tl) [former Dean of Students of Bar-Ilan   
    University, former Chief Rabbi of the Israeli 
    Air-Force---author of Olam Echad, Taryag, The Jewish Mind, 
    Israel:the Christian Dilemna, and a 7 volume commentary on 
    the Jerusalem Talmud---Alei Tamar], and Elia-David.

4) Rabbi Yankel who moved to America in the 1950's.  He was 
    a rabbi in Colombus, Ohio; Duluth, Minnesota; and Chicago,   
    Illinois.  He died in 1983 in Chicago.  His children are: 
    Marion, Susan, and Moshe Eliezer.  They are belived to reside 
    in the New York area.

5) Rochel, who married Benjamin Winters.  Her children are  
    David and Leo.

6)  Rabbi Ruben (although born in Sunderland, England he lived 
     and died in Ra'ananah, Israel) who died in Aug of 1993.  His 
     children are:  Rivkah, Michelle, Judy, and Eliza.

There will be more to come soon.


End of Volume 9 Issue 21