Volume 11 Number 17
                       Produced: Sun Jan  9 22:35:20 1994

Subjects Discussed In This Issue: 

Adoption and Yichud (2)
         [Rechell Schwartz, Michael Broyde]
         [Jonathan Goldstein]
Ata Chonuntonu
         [Harry Weiss]
Censorship, Brisk and Chazon Ish
         [Shlomo H. Pick]
Guitar teacher sought
         [Mike Gerver]
Math Opportunities in Israel
         [Sharon Hollander]
Molad for Shevat
         [Sam Gamoran]
Please Identify your Rav
         [Najman Kahana]
R. Tendler's letter
         [Anthony Fiorino]
Rav Meir
         [Joseph Steinberg]
Southern Comfort Revisited
         [Yisroel Silberstein]
Talmid hakham test
         [Isaac Balbin]
Wedding invitations and the Messiah
         [Hayim Hendeles]


From: <rrs@...> (Rechell Schwartz)
Date: Thu, 6 Jan 94 12:55 EST
Subject: Adoption and Yichud

It's not just the Lubavitcher Rebbe that holds this way. I read the
book, The Bamboo Cradle concerning the adoption of a baby girl from
China. The father of this girl (and author of the book) posed this
question (which is documented in the book) to Rav Shlomo Zalman
Auerbach, who apparently also holds that the restrictions of Yichud and
Negiah apply even to adopted children.

                                  Rechell Schwartz

From: Michael Broyde <RELMB@...>
Date: Sun, 9 Jan 94 06:34:41 -0500
Subject: Re: Adoption and Yichud

One of the writers discusses the issue of yichude and adoption in a way
that indicated that perhaps Rabbi Joseph B. Solovietchik was strict on
this matter.  Rabbi Melech Shachter, in Adoption and Jewish Law 4 J.
Hal. and Contemp. Soc. p. 96 indicates that in fact Rabbi Solovietchik
ruled liniently in this matter.  That was commonly stated around YU to
be the opinion of the Rav, also.  Both Rav Waldenburg and Ase Lecha Rav
are also makil.


From: <Jonathan.Goldstein@...> (Jonathan Goldstein)
Date: Sat, 8 Jan 94 22:14:23 -0500
Subject: Re: Amalek

In Volume 11 Number 8 <er@...> (Elie Rosenfeld) writes:

> They [Amalek] were singled out even in their own
> day from all other enemies because they were precisely the _first_ to
> attack the Jews.

Is it not because they attacked the weak and sick at the *rear* of the camp, 
that we are commanded to anihilate Amalek?

Jonathan Goldstein       <Jonathan.Goldstein@...>       +61 2 339 3683


From: <harry.weiss@...> (Harry Weiss)
Date: Thu, 06 Jan 94 19:53:33 
Subject: Ata Chonuntonu

The question was raised about whether to say Ata Chonantonu if someone
already said Boruch Hamavdil Bein Kodesh Lechol.  During the winter our
shul davens mincha at Mincha Gedola immediately after Kiddush and maariv
15-20 minutes after Shabbat is over to enable us to drive to Shul.  Even
though everyone has said Boruch Hamavdil the full regular nussach is
said, including Ata Chonuntonu and Havdalah over a cup.


From: Shlomo H. Pick <F12013@...>
Date: Sun, 9 Jan 94 09:06:57 -0500
Subject: RE: Censorship, Brisk and Chazon Ish

In response to Dr. Jeff Woolf's message found in Vol 11, no 12 to
my posting re: Rav Chayim Ozer's letter concerning the candidate
for the post in Tel Aviv.  For the latest publications of the Rav's
works, I have proof that the first two letters at the end of the
volume of the Gri"z on the Rambam were sent to the Rav zt"l.  Does
anyone have proof concerning any of the other letters?
As far as discomfort in any letters of the Chazon Ish, I personally
mentioned that many of the epistles of the Chazon Ish were to people
living at the time of the first publication and even living now, and
in some of these letters are admonitions and rebukes, and hence, as
a general policy the vast majority of names were deleted.


From: <GERVER@...> (Mike Gerver)
Date: Thu, 6 Jan 1994 22:38:52 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Guitar teacher sought

I am looking for someone in the Boston area who can teach an 11 year old
boy (without previous music lessons) to play the guitar, and can also
act as a positive observant Jewish role model, something he needs. I
prefer someone in Brookline or Brighton, though Newton or Cambridge
would be OK. Please call me or my wife Debbie at home (617/738-5188)
or call me at work (617/349-0816).
(Phone is better than e-mail, since I don't log on that regularly.)

Mike Gerver, <gerver@...>


From: <sjh@...> (Sharon Hollander)
Date: Sat, 8 Jan 94 22:14:20 -0500
Subject: Math Opportunities in Israel

	Does anyone know about job opportunities in Israel in math?
	How about graduate school in Israel in math (where I would not have 
tremendous problems if I were not fluent in modern hebrew).
from: Sharon Hollander 


From: gamoran%<milcse@...> (Sam Gamoran)
Date: Sat, 8 Jan 94 22:14:18 -0500
Subject: Molad for Shevat

At Birkat Rosh Chodesh (blessing for the new month) this morning
the Molad (time of the new moon) for Shevat was announced as being 
Wed. 12:20 in theafternoon.  The same appeared in a table in the
Chumash I was reading and one I saw on the wall.  The Chabad weekly
newsletter lists it as 12:20 midnight Wed. night into Thursday morning.
Which is correct?



From: Najman Kahana <NAJMAN%<HADASSAH@...>
Date: Sun, 9 Jan 94 08:10 JST
Subject: Please Identify your Rav

>    A comment of the Rav's on adoption

	While not wishing to offend, may I point out that "The Rav" is clear
to his talmidim, not to the rest of us.

	To Merkaz circles, for example, "The Rav" applies to Rav Kook.
In other circles to other Gdolim.

	I find that I have to read half-way into the article to know which
Gadol is being quoted.

Thank you
Najman Kahana


From: Anthony Fiorino <fiorino@...>
Date: Fri, 7 Jan 94 11:42:57 -0500
Subject: R. Tendler's letter

R. Tendler's letter appeared in the June 4, 1993 Algemeiner Journal.  It
was followed by a response editorial in the Observer, which was followed
by a response letter again in the Algeimer Journal on July 23, 1993.



From: Joseph Steinberg <steinber@...>
Date: Fri, 7 Jan 1994 10:28:45 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Rav Meir

It is interesting to note that -- perhaps because Rav Meir learned from 
Acher at a time when Acher was already a heretic -- Rav Meir himself is 
refeered to as 'Acherim' many times throughout the writings of Chazal -- 
i.e., Acherim Omrim usually refers to the opinion of Rav Meir....

                             Joseph Steinberg                    
                             (201) 833 - 9674          


From: yeti!<isrsil@...> (Yisroel Silberstein)
Date: Fri, 7 Jan 94 10:59:25 -0500
Subject: Southern Comfort Revisited

	Horotzeh L'hachkim Yadrim - Southern Comfort Revisited.

	Yeshiva Birkas Reuven puts out an excellent kashrus journal, and
about 3 years ago they had a posting to the effect that any Southern
Comfort bottle stating Bottled by the Clintok Co. was OK .  The catch
was that in the U.S.of A. there are no such bottles.  Perhaps that's
where the other posting on mail-jewish on this topic ( about S.C bottled
in Ireland ) ties in.


From: Isaac Balbin <isaac@...>
Date: Sat, 8 Jan 94 08:15:13 -0500
Subject: Re: Talmid hakham test

  | From: <ELHANAN@...> (Elhanan Adler)
  | I have often wondered how to understand the statement of Rabbi Hanina
  | "talmide hakhaim marbim shalom ba-olam". Does he mean:

I believe it is a factual statement. As Rav Kook explains in his Siddur,
We have a problem with this statement. How can there be a Ribui of Sholom.
Either you have it or you don't. Sholom is supposedly an absolute attainment.
He goes on to explain (all this I remember from a Shiur by Rav Rivlin at
Kerem B'Yavneh many moons ago ... I haven't looked at it properly 
since then) that we are talking about Shlemus and for Shlemus there must
be a series of contributions from Talmide Chachomim. The contributions
can be viewed in terms of the particular emphasis that each Chochom 
imbues to the world through their students/chassidim/whatever.
Most importantly, and this is the understanding Rabbi Lamm has
of this explanation, it is a *requirement* for shlemus that we do 
have differing contributory philosophies within orthodox Judaism.
I explore this in an article  I wrote and sent to the mail-j
archives in postscript, if anyone is interested.


From: Hayim Hendeles <hayim@...>
Date: Thu, 6 Jan 94 13:52:02 -0800
Subject: Re: Wedding invitations and the Messiah

A previous poster had mentioned the custom in their community to
schedule Tisha Bav services "in the *unlikely* event the Messiah has not 
come by T'isha B'av".

The use of the word *unlikely* prompted me to think of the following

Can we assume that there are x possible days (that the Messiah can
come) between now and the year 6000 (or earlier), in which case the
probability of the Messiah coming in the next y days is y/x - probably
a small number.

Or are we obligated to look at it, that there is a 50% chance he
will come today. If he doesn't, there is a 50% chance he'll come
tomorrow, and so forth - in which case the odds of him coming in
the next y days are quite high!

Perhaps this is the difference between the Tzaddikim who felt Moshiach's
arrival is imminent vs the rest of us.

Hayim Hendeles


End of Volume 11 Issue 17