Volume 28 Number 62
                 Produced: Fri May 28  6:18:59 US/Eastern 1999

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Different types of slaves
         [Eliezer Finkelman]
Direction during Prayer in Moscow; Australia; Turkey; South Africa
         [Michael J Broyde]
hay with dagesh
         [Neil Parks]
Luach HaShemot
         [Cheryl Hall]
missing person
         [Andrea Penkower Rosen]
Pen pals
         [David Grossman]
Sifrei Kodesh in Portuguese
         [Eliezer Finkelman]
Wedding Ceremony Query
         [Asher Goldstein]


From: Eliezer Finkelman <Finkelmans@...>
Subject: Different types of slaves

Dear Mail Jewish, and dear learned friends,
I have been thinking about different types of slavery.  It seems appropriate
in the days before Pessah. 

The well-known category In Jewish Law, the Canaanite Slave, refers to
one who has been circuscized, and who has the obligation to observe many
of the commandments of Jews.  He amounts to a partial convert to
Judaism.  If a potential Canaanite Slave refuses to be circumsized or to
accept the observance of Judaism, we must not keep him more than 12
months (see Shulhan Arukh, Yoreh Deah 267:4).  Rabbi Moshe Isserles
permits making an agreement with the slave at the time of purchase
allowing him to remain uncircumsized, and not obligated in any
additional commmandments (comments on the same section).

I recall seeing an article tracing the history of which Jewish
communities had slave-holders who strictly adhered to Shulhan Arukh, and
which followed the leniency of Rabbi Isserles, but I do not recall where
I saw the article.

Now a friend of mine would like to research this topic thoroughly.  Do
any of you have leads for more information, or even for the article, to
help with this research?


Eliezer Finkelman


From: Michael J Broyde <mbroyde@...>
Subject: Direction during Prayer in Moscow; Australia; Turkey; South Africa

I was wondering if anyone knew the direction faced during prayer at
various synagogues located in the following locations: (1) Moscow; (2)
Anywhere in Australia; (3) Turkey; (4) South Africa.

Is the direction of prayer the same as the direction of the aron kodesh?

Chag Sameach.

Michael J. Broyde
Emory University School of Law
Atlanta, GA 30322
Voice: 404 727-7546; Fax 404 727-3374


From: Neil Parks <nparks@...>
Date: Mon, 12 Apr 1999 12:48:25 
Subject: hay with dagesh

What is the correct pronunciation of the letter hay when it has a

I have noticed that this occurs only at the end of a word.  I have
heard varying pronunciations ranging from silent (as a hay without a
dagesh would sound at the end of word), to heavily aspirated, to
guttural almost indistinguishable from ches or chof.

Does it matter whether the word in question is Hebrew or Aramaic?  The
Kaddish has a couple of Aramaic words that end in hay with a dagesh,
and the transliterations I've seen (Birnbaum, Artscroll, M.
Greenfield) all seem to suggest that it should be silent.


From: Cheryl Hall <HallCheryl@...>
Date: Wed, 26 May 1999 17:26:39 EDT
Subject: Luach HaShemot

I also have a question my list friends may be to help with.... I am
taking Hebrew classes with a local woman from the shul.... who happens
to be Israeli, and a PHD in Hebrew Linguistics.  She wants our class of
2 to procure a book she remembers Luach HaShemot.  This is a book of
noun tables, listing all patterns and then all nouns reference a
pattern.  This is supposed to be like Luach HaPoalim, Verb Tables, which
I do have and can find.

I found one person at a Los Angeles bookstore that remembers it.... but
no one I've spoken to knows how to find it. Does anyone out there have
any suggestions???

Cheryl Hall
Los Alamitos, CA  


From: Andrea Penkower Rosen <apr@...>
Date: Wed, 24 Mar 1999 00:16:29 -0500
Subject: missing person

My mother, Lillian Stavisky Penkower, recently came across some wonderful,
old letters from her friend, Dr. Irving Greenfield, written in 1935.  At
the time, he was living at 85 Eastern Parkway in Brooklyn and had just been
appointed to the teaching division at Kings County Hospital.  She lost
touch with him and wonders if anyone knows him and how to get in touch with


From: David Grossman <davidg@...>
Date: Sun, 11 Apr 1999 11:51:00 +0200
Subject: Pen pals

I moderate international pen-pal groups just for Jewish boys and Jewish girls.
I'd like to publicize my groups to the members of your group.

Great news! There are two new pen-pal discussion groups, just for Jewish

Now you can belong to a second pen-pal group, and write to other Jewish kids
from all over the world.

One of the new pen-pal groups is for boys, and the other group is for girls.

It's easy to join. Just send a blank e-mail message to
or to 

Parents: These penpal groups are moderated by an adult. Discussions which
include Jewish values will be encouraged. 

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From: Eliezer Finkelman <Finkelmans@...>
Date: Wed, 26 May 1999 22:47:00 EDT
Subject: Sifrei Kodesh in Portuguese

By the way, could you help me locate a source of Sifrei Kodesh in Portuguese?
Eliezer FInkelman


From: Asher Goldstein <mzieashr@...>
Date: Wed, 24 Mar 1999 14:26:07 +0200
Subject: Wedding Ceremony Query

Where the custom come from of walking down the aisle with the bride/groom
accompanied by the parents carrying candles?

A. M. Goldstein
Editor, FOCUS
University of Haifa
Tel. 972-4-8240104


End of Volume 28 Issue 62