Volume 60 Number 66 
      Produced: Fri, 24 Feb 2012 12:01:14 EST

Subjects Discussed In This Issue:

App. for laining? 
    [Leah S.R. Gordon]
Vatikin on the road 
    [Yosi Fishkin, MD]


From: Leah S.R. Gordon <leah@...>
Date: Fri, Feb 17,2012 at 01:01 PM
Subject: App. for laining?

Does anyone know if there is a good (free or paid) app for Android or for
Kindle for a "tikkun" - i.e. to learn laining?  It does not need sound,
just the usual columns, ideally searchable by parsha or at least with a
table of contents and page numbers.  I found one that seems really weak
(e.g. one column doesn't adjust if you move in the other column's text).
Considering how mediocre the text versions were until the last decade or so
(I still have one with no page numbers!), I'm not holding my breath :) but
would love any leads.  Thanks!



From: Yosi Fishkin, MD <Joseph@...>
Date: Thu, Feb 16,2012 at 02:01 PM
Subject: Vatikin on the road

Regarding finding vatikin minyanim in Israel (or anywhere else in the

Go to the advanced search page at goDaven.com (

Under "Country", type in Israel. Then decide on what day of the week you're
looking for a vatikin minyan. Let's say you're looking for it on a Monday - so,
under "Mon/Thu Shacharis" type in (without the quotes) the two letters 'va' (this 
way, it will match vatikin / vasikin / other spellings...) and click the 
"Search..." button.

Then do the same thing, but instead of 'va', type in 'sunrise' and click the 
"Search..." button to bring up minyanim that are scheduled relative to sunrise.

Now, I'll be the very first to point out that this is nowhere near a
comprehensive list of Israeli vasikin minyanim, but it's a start. While
some Israeli cities are very well-represented on the site, there are still
many minyanim not yet listed. If you do come across any minyanim (anywhere
in the world, not just in Israel) not currently listed on goDaven, please let
me know and I'll add them.

Yosi Fishkin, MD


End of Volume 60 Issue 66