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App. for laining? 
    [Shimon Lebowitz]
Mitzvos in the Military 
    [ Bill Bernstein]
Purim Torah 
    [Carl Singer]
Was the ephod an iPad? 
    [Yisrael Medad]


From: Shimon Lebowitz <shimonleb@...>
Date: Sun, Feb 26,2012 at 06:01 AM
Subject: App. for laining?

In M-J V60#66, Leah S.R. Gordon asked:
> Does anyone know if there is a good (free or paid) app for Android or for
> Kindle for a "tikkun" - i.e. to learn laining?

Not exactly, but there is a PDF available of the classic tikun
from my childhood:

This copy even has a correction that mine (from my bar mitzva) is missing:
on page 8, Bereishit 8:4 was originally written by the sofer as "vatanach
tateiva" with a tav instead of a heh on the second word. That is how mine appears,
but the pdf has it corrected.



From:  Bill Bernstein <billbernstein@...>
Date: Fri, Feb 24,2012 at 02:01 PM
Subject: Mitzvos in the Military

My son is considering joining the Air Force ROTC program. One issue of course is
the life of a shomer-shabbos Jew in the military. I recall from past issues
there are members here with service experience and would like to hear any ideas on
the subject.

Bill Bernstein
Nashville TN


From: Carl Singer <carl.singer@...>
Date: Wed, Feb 29,2012 at 10:01 AM
Subject: Purim Torah

Happy Adar!

First: a comment from back in September 2011 which an M-J moderator asked me to 
resend for Purim.  In response to David Ziants' "Praying Amida from hand-held 
electronic device" submission (M-J V60#35):
>  Over the last few years I have been seeing people, especially in ad-hoc
>  minyan situations, praying weekday mincha or arvit from an electronic
>  hand-held device (e.g. an ipod) rather than a conventionally siddur.
> <<snip>>
>  I am interested in knowing what contemporary poskim (that allow
>  cellphones and Internet) say on this issue.
Bais Hillel allows only IPODS -- Bais Shamai, Androids.


Also -- another shtickle (bit of --Mod.) Purim Torah.

A dear friend who has since passed away told us that when she had a ba'alas
Tshuva (possibly, a lady from a non-religious background who had recently become 
more religious --Mod.) at her parents' home for a meal, as they were in the 
kitchen cleaning up after dinner their guest put some food into one of two 
garbage cans that were in the kitchen and then, fearful that she had done 
something wrong, asked if she had used the wrong garbage can. (This is actually 
true -- so far, so good.)

Which brings us to the point of does a Jewish kitchen require two trash
receptacles -- one milchig (meat) and one fleishig (dairy) -- or perhaps
the other way around:  one milchig (dairy) and one fleishig (meat) ???
At first glance the answer would be no, just as with the sink strainer on
Shabbos -- one doesn't want one's garbage and therefore why worry.

"Why worry?" you ask.   Because worrying is a way of life.

So I asked a local Rabbi, HaGoan HaRav Mordechai UberMachmir, and he
explained as follows:   The direct prohibition in the Toirah (his
pronunciation) is that one may not seethe a kid (a/k/a/ baby goat) in its
mother's milk. From this we get the prohibition of mixing milchig and fleishig.   
This prohibition is extended -- one may not gain hano'oh (benefit) from any
mixture of milchig and fleishig.   For example, one may not shake Parmesan
cheese on top of one's dog's ground filet mignon, regardless of his begging
and despite the fact that he brought 5 (of your neighbor's) newspapers to
your front door.  Now that's "paper trained!"

So does one get benefit from mixing meat garbage (I'll use the acronym "MG"
to indicate same) with milk garbage (I'll use the acronym "MG" to indicate
same).   So if we put our MG and our MG into two different garbage cans, we
will have two cans to shlep out to the curb on erev "Garbage Day"  --
Garbage Day is a weekly, or bi-weekly holiday observed in many parts of the
world.   Note: "two cans" are not equivalent to "Toucans", which are
colorful birds of the family Ramphastidae. (Doesn't sound Jewish to me.)
 If, however, one mixes MG with MG into a single garbage can, on the eve of
the yomtov of "Garbage Day," one may perhaps need to shlep only one can to
the curb.  A benefit!   Hence OSSSERRRR!!!!!! (forbidden!)

Rav UberMachmir then went on to a discussion of trashbags with / or without
integral ties -- said discussion was far too complex for this forum.

A freilichen Purim!
Carl A. Singer, Ph.D.
Colonel, U.S. Army Retired


From: Yisrael Medad <yisrael.medad@...>
Date: Fri, Mar 2,2012 at 10:01 AM
Subject: Was the ephod an iPad?


Yisrael Medad
Mobile Post Efraim 44830


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